What do you think is your greatest achievement?

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    Your questions always make for interesting reading. Thanks!

    11 Answers

    Probably 20 years as a professional musician in the Canadian backroads...and I'm still alive and walking!!!!

    Surviving the past few years- and not being completely BONKERS!!!!!


    versus partial bonkerdom!? lol ;D

    The jury`s out on that one!!;-))lol!

    Though they make me wonder and  scratch my head sometimes, undoubtedly my children

    being in the 3rd year of medical school and still having time for net ... hahaha


    You GO! shadowgirl! What goal in the field of medicine are you achieving? I wish you every success! Peace baby! :)
    shadow girl

    well,My goal now is to complete the three remaining years in peace lol, thanks wish you the same :)

    Then we'll call you Dr. shadowgirl!? Sweeeet!

    Surviving 50 years on this rock we call earth and still around to talk about it..

    My kids..although on going process and I don`t wanna speak to soon!...:-)..and raising my sister`s three.although the family rallies around...but it`s hard work..but hopefully worth it to try and give them support and a better start when they`ve been through SO much!!..(but I couldn`t have got this far without everyone elses help!...:-)


    I've always been Nuts..but Bonkers is new :)

    Finding this site. LOL.


    COOL ANSWER!!!agree!:-))

    Having my son.............


    I must admit that Mothering a child has the highest esteemed position on the me biased but I agree that this is the mightiest achievement of them all! Peace Julie girl! :)

    My children. Knowing a greater Love. Finding personal peace. Giving so much to so many. Loving so many even now. Resolving so many conflicts. Following the right path for me. Not following the paths that others sought for me to follow.  

    Becoming a christrin

    Having children is a blessing and privilege.  I'm blessed and privileged. 
    As far as achievement, let's go to something I work/play at:  Bowling.  Shortly after turning 60 (this March), I bowled a nearly perfect 298 game.  Better yet, the following week, I bowled my highest series: 735 (which is a 245 average for the three games). Last summer, I had all three games with either a strike or a spare (no "open" frames).  Those are my high points to date.  

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