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    Wire brush danger! A guy in New Jersey cleaned his grill with a wire brush, and part of the brush got imbedded in his steak, which he ate. He soon thereafter developed a serious infection and had serious pain. It was thought that he had appendicitis, but it was ruled out. He was operated on and the wire was removed. He was close to death.Now he's fine. There were six such incidents also in Rhode Island. There are  alternatives that are great for cleaning (see posted answers).Also, it goes without saying that you should never pour lighter fuel on a fire;  the flame  can travel up the stream and ignite the container. PLEASE BE CAREFUL and SPREAD THE WORD!

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    Good grief...who knew!? I use a Hibachi iron grill and use either fir bark or briquets as fuel...I clean my grills with fire and scrape rarely with a grill stone! Stones don't leave chunks of wire behind and I recommend this as an alternative! Peace.


    This is a grill stone used for scraping a grill..any grill..clean!


    What is a grill stone? I always use a wire brush.

    Thanks, lindi. thay looks a lot safer. I dont know where I have been, I never heard of it before.

    It's like a pumice stone for the grill, right!!??

    Now I have another excuse why not to bother buying a wire brush. Wadded up foil works well by the way.....


    Save up your used pieces. This is perfect for cleaning a nasty grill..........

    Then clean your grill with "spit ball and bailing wire......"............

    Thank you Clonge, this is an eyeopener. I always use a wire brush. I will try the tinfoil or a grill stone, once I find out what it is. How little we were informed about the danger of using a wirebrush. The man was lucky that he survived.


    I've pasted a pic for you Ann! :) more playing with lighter fluid or wire brushes.  shucks.


    Tell me you didn't play with fire in front of the animals, doo!

    :D LOL

    Thanks for the warning, Clonge, , and than LINDILOU for the bbq "pumice" stone/brick idea. I have a charcoal bbq (my son's) and our complex has a propane grill.  I'm not confident using either one, but have wire-brushed both for others.  I'll look for the brick for both!


    Yes it is exactly...pumice stone works very well! :)

    Of course not...well, my dog was around- but she was oblivious"there's mom laughing and having a good time -WoW those flames are pretty"
    she wasn't the sharpest tack in the box- but she was sweeter than can be!!!!!

    Rather than re-posting the info, I thought I'd "answer" so it would appear as a recent answer. I should have done it sooner, but it's never too late. Be careful, and have a happy Memorial Day (U.S.)

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