A bird in the hand....

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.     
    Someone asked what that saying meant a couple of days ago.  
    Question:  Have you ever let go of the bird in the hand to go after the two in the bush?  
    Did you make the right choice in giving up the sure thing and going for the uncertain and unknown?  What were the circumstances and how did things turn out?

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    Perhaps i said it once before here, back when I was a kid I dropped out of college to run a family owned construction company then ventured out on my own, now 30 years later that college degree would have been worth more than me venturing into my own bussiness.


    daren, but how would it have changed who you are now? maybe not the person we or others know!

    WOW thats nice..thank you !!

    Some times in life you have to go for the unsertern things. history has shown us many times

    A bird in the hand...can leave you with messy slacks! This is my pessimistic slant on the situation.

    Yep. I once thought I could make money by playing with what I had in my 401K ...... WRONG!


    did a similar thing myself

    I've traded a winning lottery ticket for two others instead of the cash and lost my original investment....


    No kidding and I knew better, too...........

    Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3? BUMMER! I hope it wasn't a "life changing" amount.

    That's right, it was a $5 ticket, I won $10....

    It's always wise to go with the bird in the hand.  I could be wrong, but I think it can be reckless to go for 2 in the bush.  Going for 2 in the bush too many times could end up costing you a lot more.

    Iv'e made life changing decisions a couple of times, given up the "good" life to chase after a different dream, at times I have regretted it, but what if I hadn't ? I would not be who I am now


    yeh, but I could be a whole lot richer!

     I am not a gambler, therefore I would never give up my bird in the hand.  I will find a way to get to the two birds in the bush though. Then I have three birds!!  And no gambling!!

    I come from a family of story tellers to make a point.

    Mom used to tell me.. "A turtle never gets anywhere without sticking his neck out."

    Then my granpa said:

    "A little dog plays with  its bone, frolicking around, he runs up  to the pond with his bone in his mouth, looks down into the water and sees another dog that looks just like him, he too has a bone in his mouth, as they stare at each other, he thinks, " Im going to get that other dog's bone.." He drops his bone in the water in an attempt to steal the other dogs bone and loses both bones.."  


    Grandpa knew his Aesop! Love those fables.

    This is a Strange analogy for Doo! as one bird would be in my hand, one on my head, and the other perched on my nose....LOL....But, sometimes it is time to let the bird in your hand go, then you're off on a new adventure....for better or worse as they say

    They took "the bird in the hand", and then the 2nd contestant opted for the "2 in the bush" (FIRE BIRDS [lol]!

    I go for what I choose. If I choose again for a better deal, I hang onto my first choice until I have the better choice. Then release the first or take two.   


    I have always hesitated to relinquish what I have for something that may never materialize for me. At this point in time, I am finally loosening my death grip on that poor little bird in my hand. It doesn't sing anymore anyway.

    I've always been a risk taker. Fly away little bird, I'm going after the big ones, and I'm not coming back empty handed.


    so you say, hey!

    Hows things going ed?
    ed shank

    Good Romos, thanks for asking. Could complain, but who's listening. Good to be back.

    Good you`re back!!..We`ve missed you! :-)

    The bird in the hand is suppose to be the sure thing but if the sure thing don't make you happy go for the bush.......


    Good thinking, HM. Why settle. Go for the gusto.

    With the economy the way it is, I would rather have a bird in hand, than two in a bush. I dont trust people too much anymore, since I lost a great deal of money in the eighties by investing with someone who assured me, that it was a sure bet.I


    Ann,did the same thing a few years after that,but economy aside, there are risks in life, some worth taking,I think it depends on how much you want something, and how much you are prepared to risk in the venture

    In younger days we lads would say 'two in the hand is worth one in the bush'. Sorry about that.



    is a lovely sight!!

    With the economy the way it is, I would rather have a bird in hand, than two in a bush. I dont trust people too much anymore, since I lost a great deal of money in the eighties by investing with someone who assured me, that it was a sure bet.I

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