I had a mental break down... I am trying to put the pieces back together.

    I feel hollow like an egg with the yolk removed... if someone touches me I may crumble to dust... Any suggestions? I am seeing a therapist, and psychiatrist , I was hospitalized for four days. .

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    You may have noticed that there are no words from me here Jenn, none necessary, you know how I feel Darlin!
    Take care.

    I left a long message to my cats mom.... but it was for everyone..... i love you guys.... thank you

    I wish I could take these pains away...these words below..the negative implant words are to be removed (by you) immediately.Those ones who were supposed to be loving you are failures..narcissists who love nothing better than to distribute mental anguish and poison into others' it's a job or something! I suggest creative visualization...healing touch/or Reiki therapy...perhaps even some hypnotherapy to free you forever of those negative implants that we can actually end up believing!! Anybody who pushes their will over on another is a tyrant and a criminal and this is how I feel you have been dealt! Refuse to be a victim of this nastiness Jenn...reject any and all negative words past,present or future! Peace and love Jenn.

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    Oh Jenn! I hope you've come to see us and talk a bit. Things will get better soon. Keep seeing your docs and ask us stuff.  We all care about you and have been missing you. I hope you are feeling better. Is there any thing we can do to help you? XXXOOO

    Lots of walks and alot of positive are definitely not alone dear...Peace be with you and love guide you to betterment! My heart goes out to you and well.

    I'm glad to see you back. I really don't have much experience with mental breakdowns, and really don't know much about them at all. But, I am glad to see you getting through it. I was wondering what had become of you. Wishing you the best Jenn.

    One hour at a time. You are lucky to have your family to support you and stay strong.  With medical support and your family, you will make it through.. Love and prayers, Ann

    Perhaps a nice quiet trip Jenn maybe see some old friends, anything just to get out of your normal routine my thoughts and prayers be with you..

    Oh Jenn, I am so glad you reached out to us!  Please please please come to this site more often...sometimes it is a saving grace.  Much Love and many ((((((((((hugs))))))))))! You are our sister and friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One piece at a time Jenn. You'll get it back together. You have the support of your friends. You know where to reach me.  xoxox



    I love you!

    I love you too :)

    Having been "on the edge" for so much of my life I'm almost jealous of your ability to "give in"....Now that it is done, it's time to start healing.  At least your fears can be named and that's a start.  Hospitals are great, you get fed............


    I love and understand your comment, Julie.

    Time is the greatest healer Jenn, you will get better and stronger with each new day.Keep calm and let your body and mind heal.

    Good luck! What have the psychologist and psychiatrist said about your condition? Have you been honest with them? Is there a possible genetic component? So many questions. The more info you provide, the more likely it is that we can offer suggestions.Having the right professionals is essential. Lousy ones can actually make things worse. If you're not comfortable with them, or either of them, don't hesitate to switch. Your "Basic Information" shows this: "Just a girl.... 2 kids 1 man and life is grand." Life can once again be the way that it was. Hang in there; we're rooting for you!

    Good food. Lots of vegetables and fruit. Lots of water. Long walks. Short walks. Dance to whatever is on your radio. Make up every day. Get dressed in clothes you love. Try to be around people you love.

    I swear I had a breakdown about 15 years ago. The only thing I could count on myself to do was the things I mentioned above. I focused on those and somehow came out of it.

    There was another time too. That time I went to a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. At that time I found out how many busy busy women had ADD. It's terrible. That time I kept trying and trying to clean out my closet. Every time my friend came over, she found me in there. I could barely put my complicated sandels on. I couldn't layer the lasagne. The doctor prescribed the ADD medicine and I was well almost immediately. 

    I don't know if you wanted to know all this whoop but I wanted to tell you. I did! I have chronic pain now but I've got my head straight.

    Be well, Jenn. I've been wondering where you are. You have such great spirit and friendship to offer the people who come your way. The best, kid! I think everybody is willing to give you lots of support.  Onward & Upward.



    Putting one foot in front of the other and focus on the positive without looking back on the negative. That's all anyone can do. Family and friends are the glue that tends to hold us together, form your support around them. Brightest of Blessings to you my dear and Good Luck.

    No advice from me, either, Jenn. So sorry to hear you've been having problems. My empathy is with you, along with prayers for continued improvement. Keep your faith. 

    I haven't got any advice for you Jenn.At least you are here talking about it & that's gotta be positive.Good luck with it.

    I`  m sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time...It Takes Time and a lot of support to get through this..and it`s nothing to be ashamed of...Please keep talking to people and be KIND to might not feel like it now...(I had bad depression when i was younger...I never THOUGHT IN A MILLION YEARS that I could turn things around...but I`m fine now)!...Take one day at a time and try and achieve small not to take on the whole world at once...Things will get better soon so please just try and stay as positive as you can!..hard as that seems...(The Sunshine`s NEVER far away)!

    ALL good wishes...from one who knows!


    Hang in there Jenn, we are all here if you need us! --- Good Luck.

    I wish I could do something to help, but I know all I can do is empathize and hope with time all will be well, xx 


    How are you getting on, Lamb?

    out of hospital now, and hopefully all will be o.k I have a new device implanted in my back, just need to learn how to use it properly,thanks for asking

    Will keep you in my prayers...... God Bless

    Jenn , i would suggest you going for a physical. especially blood work.  Hormonal imbalance can and will do this to you. Find a nutritionist or doctor that will physically look through a microscope at your  blood cells.  Looking how the cells are clumped together, and what else is floating around. I know of a nutritionist in New Mexico that works this way. If you would like i will get this person name and phone to you. . It in capitan , new mexico , by ruidoso mountains.  This lady worked on the first NASA astronauts. She works on all sorts of problems.

    When I was having a mental breakdown I preyed about it asking God what should I do? And I heard that little voice inside saying, “you need do nothing.” The more I stayed on that theme the more I understood that was and is my best possible course of action. All my plaguing worries seemed to just fall away when my one response became, “ I need do nothing.” I calmly watched this happen and my problems vanish as I regained my own life to live the way I choose to live it. All I choose is happiness for me now and my life is like a slow moving river in the summer time. <3<3<3OOXX

    Hi Jenn,   We wondered where you were. Glad you're back. I had a breakdown like that when I was 17. It's hard climbing out of that hole. But,  you can do it, especially with the support of us and your familly and God leading you.  Did yours have something to do with your dad dying ?


    I think i statred feeling useless after taking care of my mom and dad for fifteen years.... then my brother moved in with them when he got really bad off... i felt useless replaced... i started sliding from that piont on.... then i went to his peacefull place... that he chose to be buried and all of thr trees were clear cut.... some how that broke me..... i reached out to the wrong person for comfort and was used and trown away like the morning trash..... i had a complete break down.... acute anxiety severe depression and ptsd..... know all i hear is my step father i grow up with..... whore... worthless.... nevermake anythimg of your self.... no one will ever want you.... you are no fashion plate, way so why do you try.... stupid... waste of space... lazy.......... and on and on...... it burnsin my mind like fire...... i keep my dads (the one who died) hanlerchoef wrapped aroumd my wrist to remind me i was some ones little girl.... i was love.....

    Hi Jenn, great to see your back, , wish you luck with your health, Be positive, that is a good way to get through each day, plus prayer.  x


    Been there and actually still being.  Don't give up life. Have you had  your health checked? There can be some physical problems that can make your problems worst. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Oh Jenn.I I so wish i could make things better,i keep rereading your comments here and i just want to give you a hug and try and make things right.Be nice to yourself,youve gone through so much,take it a day at  a time.You achieved so much caring for your Mam and Dad,well done,not all daughters would do that.As for the person who screwed you over?They caught you when you were so terribly vulnerable .But things have a way of coming back to bite you ,what goes around comes around.Something or someone will hurt them.And your stepfather?Hes so terribly wrong ,Im just one of the people here who think a heck of a lot of you.My love and thoughts are with you x xJ

    It has been 6 months since your question. How are you doing?


    I was just thinking the same Clonge!..I hope she`s feeling better!

    me three...

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