what does this mean..a bird in the bush is worth two in the hand?

    its a quote but i dont think it is 100% correct

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    "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" is a proverb about risk or greed. It means that it is better to have something, for certain, than to take a risk to get more, with the possibility that you get nothing at all. It means that it's better to have a thing of lesser value in reality than it is to have something of greater value in theory.


    It's better to have something than nothing!

    You've got it backwards. See @daren 1 answer........


    I was going say that my friend well spoted

    You have won a couple of contests or games against someone.  This person owes you $100 for each game you have won, for a total of $200.  "Let's do one more, double or nothing," says your opponent.  What do you say?
    IF you want to risk the $200, you accept the challenge.  IF you win, your opponent now owes you $400 (an extra $100 if each game is worth $100).  HOWEVER, if you LOSE, you now have nothing....You don't owe your opponent $100, nor does the opponent owe you $200 (which would be a net $100 win for you).  YOU GET NOTHING.

    A bird in the hand ($200) is worth two in the bush (a possible $400, BUT also a possible $0) 

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