How do I stop my dog from eating his poo

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    There are many things that you can try... some work and some don't...

    There are natural pills available at your local pet store that will not harm your dog in any way but make the stool unappealing to consume.  Coprophagia Pills.

    In my experiences with the two dogs that I have owned with this particular habit these things worked ...

    The first dog I took for brisk walks.  Within three quarters of a block the dog would go to the bathroom... I would say "Leave it" and then quickly pick it up.  It took the dog about one week to figure out that he was not supposed to be eating his stool.

    The dog that I own now is not the brightest star.  I have tried every single thing possible so now I pick up quickly where ever and when ever she or her slightly brighter brother go.  It has saved me a lot of grief.

    Good Luck.


    It's all about the "picking up"...I knew it!! ;)

    Pick up after him so he can't...sounds like he's lacking something(not po) in his diet! Check here for more suggestions>>>


    I feed my pets the very top end of food. My vet believes that the food isn't getting digested fully. There are soooo many theories... it's exhausting.

    I have sold thousands of packages of Coprophagia pills over the years and picking up is the less expensive and most effective way of ridding one's life of this disgusting habit. :)

    find something it  likes better to eat

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