what are Obama's chances of being re elected

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    Better than they should be. Apparently a lot of America has not woken up yet or they are still hoping he will pay off their mortgage. 

    I agree with Digger... let the mud fly and the last man standing will be victorious.

    Sad and true.

    At this point in time, about 50-50. Lots can happen between now and November.

    May the best mudslinger win.

    He will probably be re-elected but not by my own vote..............

    I think Obama will win in November. I considered the Republican option and I don’t see voting for anyone who is proudly bought and paid for by corporate (Grover Norquist) interests. I don’t see the option of buying politicians as an answer to what we vote for. 


    politician |?päl??tiSH?n|nouna person who is professionally involved in politics, esp. as aholder of or a candidate for an elected office.• a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way,typically to gain advancement within an organization.

    That definition,  "a person who acts in a manipulative and devious waytypically to gain advancement within an organization.’ Do you find this to mean that we are voting for politicians who we would not like to invite into our own house? I don’t like manipulative and devious people. Why am I voting? To choose the least offensive of the lot.

    I wish he wouldn't get back in, I've had enough of Obama-- But I think he will unfortunately.

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