Experiments as a kid....

    I experimented with gravity... I was convinced I could fly... No I can not unless I go by plane, hot air balloon, helicopter or gigantic kite.

    I did the buttered toast thing.

    Bubble gum does come out just like everything else if you swallow it.

    And my sister could scare the heck out of me by pulling the legs (all but one) from the spider's body. (That was her experiment)

    If you eat as many oranges as you possibly can you will not get drunk. (My dad put odd ideas in our heads to humour himself).

    I also built graveyards for ants... poor little things.  Their relatives do not attend.  Very very sad.

    What odd and curious things did you do?... This is a "Springs to Mind" question.

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    I love this question by the way. ....."their relatives don't come." Ha ha!

    I use to put Pill Bugs in my toy cars and crash them into things. They roll up and are very resilient! Although they don't do well under a magnifying glass in the sun. I felt sorry for it and didn't do that any more.

    You can roast a marshmallow on your gas stove at home, but a stick cools off much faster than a fork! Ouch.

    You can't make Kool-Aid with Pixie-stick powder in cold water. Oh man!

    If you put a bug on a moving record player it wont run on it like a treadmill for long. (Jetson's Astro?)

    Flies do freeze. (Look Mom!)

    If you put torn up tissue on your Dad's face while he naps before dinner, he sometimes thinks it's funny!

    Riding a horse bareback isn't too bad, but steering is terrible without the bridle.

    You can't make the spirit come out of an Ouija board even if you light it on fire! The board wont even catch fire!

    I CAN pitch a baseball indoors by using my pillow against the wall, although it still dents the portion of the wall that it's covering. Steeeerrrriiiiiiikkkkkeeee!



    Figtree3, I loved your comments.

    Hilarious! Bugs are such victims!

    Like you, I tried to fly by clipping a towel around my neck like a super cape and would jump off of the air conditioner.....


    How high was that? We jumped off the roof of our garage... no capes involved... We made wings that took weeks to construct. Oh the devistation... Le' Weep.

    I had a girlfriend who landed on her brother's pet chicken and killed it.......oops!

    Oh my goodness... that must have been ugly!

    He was upset, it was a Purple Easter Chicken.....

    OMG ... A purple easter chicken might mean BAAAAD Karma for life.

    Tried a cool hand Luke a lot of years ago, ate 50 hard boiled eggs in 20 minutes, never s**t for a week, it was for charity though........""


    Is this TRUE!!! OMG! I have fainted.....................................50??.........Did you have a tummy ache? (Dumb question) You are very charitble, ROMOS.

    Still got problems itsmee, but that goes with age...LOL!

    LOL (kinda)

    LOL!! I wish I had been there to see that...the eating part only! :)

    I still love boiled eggs......Hmmm??

    Do you have 50 for breakfast?

    ROFL AGAIN ...

    Not every day, I might have a wee drop scrambled now and again, the "wind" can be vicious in Scotland.....LOL!

    I walked to school in an imaginary, clear bubble. It protected me from all harm.

    My parents had a big, blue Catholic art book. There was a scary picture in the book. When my parents were not at home, I got the trowel and dug a hole and buried the book. (Age 7 or 8) 

    Kari and I put Kleenex in our training bras to see if we could magically attract the boy in the hamburger place. We also tried my mom’s orange-ish lipstick and her Balilika fragrance.  (I can still smell it in memory. Wow!)

    Experiment 1 & 2 worked. 




    LOL: What happened with experiment #3?

    No one kissed our lips, sniffed our fragrance, or eyed our Kleenex. (sob)
    We drank Cokes and used our staws like a cigarette. (No one noticed our cool on that one either)

    I could have used that imaginary clear bubble when I was growing up. Man!
    I hope orange-ish lipstick comes back into fashion... you guys were stylin'.... cool-i-o.

    Sometimes I hang out in pharmacies trying to find cosmetics and lotions that my mom wore. If I get a whiff, it’s like I can be with her briefly. The sense of smell brings back memories like no other. I don’t think they make that particular brand of lipstick anymore. She wore Tweed perfume. I bought a bottle about 20 years ago in an old-timey drug store. I think that bottle had been on the shelf for 30 years. (Not good) I miss her. She’’s been gone a long, long time.
    I think orange is coming back.

    I remember needing pocket money and going into business selling bottles of water with a lolly in the bottom, amazing how many people felt sorry for me and paid for them, the there was an experiment with a dead frog I found  (sorry Doo) I wired it up to see if I could make it did 


    That's great! I also had a brilliant idea to sell my leftover Halloween candy, the day after Halloween.

    Lamb ... We would have been a team. I melted slugs with salt. Ugly. Of course, it isn’t as dramatic as your frog experiment.

    Le' Fig... you are hilarious!
    Lambie, we did that experiment in science class... we also cut frogs open to see what was inside in science class. I was traumatized .... I think I still am.

    I have become traumatized just reading. In the 7th grade I knew what they were doing in my Science Class. For some reason, I did not attend
    Science that day. I think my mom called the school and got me out of it.

    My 'Fatherly One' worked in the field of science... there was no flipping way I was getting out of it.

    Removed the light bulb and put a bunch of nuts and screws in the socket to see what would happen when turned on. Spent the next hour prying the welded pieces out and replacing the house fuse. Fortunately dad never found out, even though I'm sure the bulb never fit right again.


    Hmmmmmmmmm? How old were you when you performed this magic trick, flip?

    @itsmee: I don't remember, but probably old enough to know better. I've done some pretty stupid things in my life (even as an adult) :o)

    We would put winter green lifesavers in our mouths and turn off the lights and watch them spark as we bit into them. (it works)


    Ed ... I’m gonna have to try that one. I’ve seen it on TV, of course. It works?????

    Very cool. I didn't know that until today. Now I want to try it!

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