How about our Presidents news annousement?

     I thought it was wonderful for him to be the first sitting President to support gay marrage. It was a bold and dangerous move that may backfire on hime but yet he took it. 



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    The gays in the UK see through this guy, why can't they see through him there. Strange.


    It's all about charisma, I think.

    How timely too....right before his attendance at a Hollywood gathering!   Duh!?

    Boy, that's what you call "transparent"!


    And he is riding around in his car with George Clooney. Did that schock you like it did me?

    I am glad I am not American because I think Obama is a fake.  I think he is only going for the Gay vote and does not truly believe what he is saying.  I have true empathy for the American people.

    There are a few other things that Obama has done that I don't believe for one second either.

    I think it's a ploy to get the gay vote. He has no interest in whether we can get married or not. Unfortunately, the gay community has fallen for the ploy. Everyday, form all the gay groups I am subscribers to, I get messages from them reminding me to donate to his election fund or to send a letter of support to him.  I'll send a message but not the one he wants. He is using us and I'm not happy. The man is a liar and he is not MY president. He belongs to the silly people who still believe he will rescue them from their mortgage. I do not see him as being brave. I see him as a snake in the grass. Now slam me again like you did the last time and tell me whatever it was you said the last time. Lets see how insulting you can get this time just because I do not like your hero who is using my people. 


    Colleen,I enjoy reading your comments when you leave out the emotional stuff.
    I thought your answer was clear and concise up to the point where you went emotional with the snake in the grass comment. That was a perfect example of critical thinking skills that you were asking about earlier comments. Yes I did read your message but don't enjoy beating a dead horse so chose to stay silent. And I agree it is a ploy and a dangerous one I say so in my comment.

    Nah, just wanted to make sure you knew I caught your cowardly comments about me when you edited one of your comments just to rip into me with your version of "critical thinking". You knew I would not get an alert to the comment by sneaky tactics. Sneaky tactics like your president is so famous for. You should have acknowledged me then.
    He is a snake in the grass. He is sneaky and walks all over the constitution with the belief that he is a God and can do as he likes. Some people learn well from their masters, don't they? Oh and snake in the grass is not "emotional", it is descriptive writing. Keep your critiquing to the classroom. This is akaQA, it is not a classroom.

    Most everyone knows, by making this statement, that is all about getting the gay vote and hollywood. But by just by saying it, it does not make any difference, since he cant implement that law himself. He is a president you cant trust what he says.


    Ann, you know how much I love George Clooney and I do know that he is a strong Democrat so it doesn't surprise me that they are "very together". I've seen pictures of the two of them chatting at other functions...two Hollywood Celebs...lots in common.
    I'd still go to lunch with George. lol

    Ducky, I know you love George Clooney and its not about him, its about Obama the crowd pleaser.

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