Looking for a great online course of English for a 4 year old. Suggestions?

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    Information here.

    SESAME STREET is pretty hard to beat as far as teaching goes......


    jh , it's not on anymore.

    Suggestion:  Read with your child and tell stories with your child.  Interact with your child.  Don't plop your kid in front of a computer.  


    that's true , PKB, but maybe the mom or grandma doesn't know much English herself. And maybe both of them work.

    If the adult(s) is/are ESL (English Second Language learners), reading together is even better, because they all learn. What does working have to do with taking time to read to a child?

    help the 4 year old read it a book  or let it watch children s shows


    but, unfortunatly Skylett, there aren't any good, educational shows on TV anymore for children. OK, ,there's Arthur, but it doens't teach how to read or even recognize letters.

    We love Teach Kids English  It's interactive, fun and very effective. Our 4 and 5 year olds love it. There is lots on the net that are just worksheets, but this was the only complete course we could find. Do recommend.

    I don't know about online, but there are several educational programs adn games that you can get him. Just pop them into the computer, then give him a little guidence on how to run the game.

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