Did anything really tick you off today? If so, what were the circumstances?

    I thought I'd seen everything from NYC drivers, but today's incident was a new one. I was driving on a busy street, and there is a firehouse on the right. Every firehouse in NYC that I've ever seen, has a traffic light in front of it, which is controlled from within the firehouse. There has to be one, because when it comes to a fire, a second could mean the difference between life and death. The trucks have to get out and when these lights turn red, traffic is supposed to stop. It turned red, I stopped. Traffic to the left and right of me zoomed right through, because the light 100 feet beyond this one was green! The people behind me were honking their horns, yelling at me and making gestures. What, if anything, ticked you off today (or recently) ?

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    I don't get ticked off, I tick off

     I can't say! It ticks me off too much!


    you guys crack me up. your just like timex, take a lickin` and keep on tickin`. tick tick tick tick me off!!!

    No, nothing at all but I don't plan on taking the car out today.  Everything else is grand.


    Oh I love that answer! It's very true that alot of anger begins with road rage, lol.

    The most boring answer that I could ever deliver... Tammy J that is hilarious.

    I'm taking a right onto a highway...not a fourway stop....guy across the highway is making a left ...again this is not a four way stop...traffic clears and I...presuming I have the right of way...advance to make the right and buddy across the hiway comes barrel-assing across and nearly sideswipes me as I pin the brakes...I was more than a little tick tick tick BOOM!!!

    I'm at that age when if someone tells me off,I just tell them to get stuffed.


    ...I usually begin softly laughing...then ask if they KNOW my ex?...LOL
    ...or I ask"Didn't I divorce you?" LOL :D

    I will never understand why a machine that can be driven will change people’s personalities to the point that they do. A vehicle is to get from point A to point B hopefully without ending up in the hospital but people do everything they can to push their luck.

    My housemate decided to clean house today and through away stuff near and dear to me.....



    So you told them off, I expect.

    I don't  drive a car, I cycle and drive others mad. :)


    As a driver I am super aware of you on the hiways and byways...I once was struck from behind by a large army truck while on my bike so you won't have any trouble with me baby...I'm looking out for y'all!!! :)

    I stopped at McDonald's to get a couple of frappes and they take soooooo long.  They made one and it sat for nearly 5 minutes while they stumbled through making the second one.  They even made a drink for someone else in between making the one I'd purchased. 

    There is a lot of stuff belonging to my son and me in half of my mom's garage.  I went over today and loaded some of my stuff into my car, but there was so much garbage on the floor, for no good reason.  (I did some cleaning)  It REALLY irritates me when there is a big mess like that....PICK UP YOUR STUFF.  THROW THE TRASH IN THE DUMPSTER. YOU WERE NOT RAISED AS OR TO BE A SLOB.

    So good with me today! :-)...I treat ALL drivers/road users as TOTALLY unpredictable,and stay aware at all times!...It`s a jungle out there!!:-0

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