How do I change oil on my briggs & Stratton law mower model 11A-A44EO29

    How do I change oil on my briggs & Stratton law mower model 11A-A44EO29

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    Start the Briggs and Stratton lawn mower. Allow it to run until the engine is warm. Turn it off and disconnect the spark plug.

    Lay the mower over onto its side. Place a small bucket underneath the oil drain plug. Use a 3/8 inch socket to remove the bolt to turn the oil drain plug counter clockwise. The oil will begin draining into the bucket.

    Replace the oil filter. The filter should twist off easily when turned counter clockwise with a pipe wrench. Pour a bit of clean oil on the new filter. Screw the new filter in by hand in a clockwise direction until it is resting upon the filter adapter, then give it another 1/2 turn.

    Pour new oil into the oil drain plug. A funnel may come in handy for this step. Use the type of oil best suited for your style of Briggs and Stratton mower. The oil fill plug also can be used as a measuring cup. Fill it to the level indicated in your mowers owners manual.

    Replace the drain plug and tighten it with a 3/8 inch socket in the clockwise direction. Reconnect the spark plug and start your Briggs and Stratton lawn mowers engine.

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