Where would you rather live in: a big city or the country?

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    Having experienced both, I've often missed the other.

    I'm with Digger- they both have their pros and cons.


    In the country. I love Nature.

    The country its a slower life, just right for me.

    The country, but not more than an hour from a good-sized city.

    I love the city and missed it and all the convenience of shops, restaurants etc when I moved to the country, I nearly broke my neck getting back to visit at every opportunity, but now though I still enjoy occasional visits, the traffic, crowd and noise make it much more appealing to come back to little country town I live in, 

    Great question. Our kids are grown up and now I'd like to find myself right in the middle of San Francisco for a few years and then ... to the mountains. 

    I would love to live in a small old school town in the south.

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