The Pit Bull Terrier killed his 74-year-old father? What should happen to the dog?

    I'll be back with the answer if you didn't read it in the news. 

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    Pretty frightening stuff!

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    I can't answer the question until I have more information itsmee.  Is there a link we can go to?


    Link below with my answer. Sad.

    Generally, and with rare exception, when an apparently unprovoked attack occurs, the dog is put down.  Whether this is right or wrong, I can't say.  I would hate to put my dog down because it nipped at someone, but with an all-out attack, maybe I'd feel differently; it really depends.  IF the dog is defending itself or property or "master", that's a whole new scenario.  
    My mom was bitten by a dog 3 times many, many years ago.  The dog wasn't destroyed. The attack was unprovoked.   


    Like animals of the wild, most are in fear of humans, however, if they get the taste of human blood they can then be a threat to humans so they will usually track them down and kill them. Dogs? They don't eat humans as a rule, they don't even eat their own kind in the wild but an attacking dog is not attacking for food, it attacks because it was either trained to do so or it was provoked and fears it is in danger. Myself personally, if the dog attacked and killed a human, I would have a difficult time adjusting to this, I would probably want the animal destroyed, I don't understand the K9 mind, I do know that if a human kills another human they are incarcerated or executed.

    I think the problem many would have in destroying their own dog is they feel they are responsible for the well-being of the animal. My son wanted to put our Sophie "to sleep" in his own way and I insisted he take her to a vet for euthanasia. It was a horrible experience for him, and when we talked about it later, I think his idea would have been more humane for Sophie as well as my son. Of course, this is a whole 'nother can o' worms.

    Dog was put down...makes me wonder what set him off to tear into the man like that??

    Check this tragedy here>>>


    Thanks for the link, but i have no intentions of watching it, i am too sad for the dog and sad for the old man.

    Thanks lindilou... it is sad.

    Thanks for sharing the link, but I cant watch any thing sad, especially when it includes any animals.

    It is a tragedy- for both!!! And I refuse to watch it!!!

    Thanks you can tell there are times when Doolittle becomes outraged at humans and how little they think about their animal friends!!

    This is a very sad story. Im too wonder what provoked that dog..We will probably never know. The dog had to be put down and it makes me feel terrible for both, the father and the dog.


    The son was the owner of the dog. He was at work when the incident happened. He suffered too.

    What are the circumstances surrounding this story ?


    Link below with my answer.

    It a newspaper link and NO...don't read it...wise.Peace.

    German shepherd attacks, kills toddler in San Diego 

    The family dog attacked Aaron Carlson around 11:30 a.m. Saturday in an upstairs bedroom at a duplex at 3500 block of Lofberg Street.

    Rottweiler kills baby

    Police described yesterday how a Rottweiler killed baby Archie-Lee Hirst after tearing him from the arms of a seven-year-old girl, dragging him into his grandparents' back garden and savaging him. The baby's 16-year-old aunt tried to rescue the child but could not stop the animal, police said.

    74 year old woman killed by two dogs.

     Kaustuv Basu, 74 year old Loraine May was killed Thursday by two of her dogs. One of the dogs involved in the attack was a golden retriever and Labrador mix, six years old. The other dog was an Australian Shepherd that was eleven years old. 

    WBOC-TV 16, Delmarvas News Leader, FOX 21 - Girl, 7, Hospitalized After Poodle Attack ... The child sustained bite wounds to her upper body.

    Since people want to fixate on pitbulls, I thought I give you other dogs to think about. 



    My beautiful American Staffordshire terrier was amazing,well loved and treated like the lap dog she truly was..she worked at a childcare centre for a few years before having the misfortune of meeting up with thieves who took her and puppy milled her...until I drove past where she was and stopped to inform the punk who'd tied her to a station wagon in a field with five 3 mth. old pups still suckling her,that I was informing authorities as to the mistreatment of this dog.The next day a girlfriend called me saying that her (badly-chosen)boyfiend had to get rid of his pitbull and would I take her???They showed up and he nearly lost it when it turned out to be me...the very same female dog from the day before! Aha! I kept her on my farm for four years and left her with my then partner because that's the way it point is that Pitbulls are like anyone else...hey,if someone mistreats me...well,down the road I'd go...or someone's gonna get bit! The language of dogs is very different than human thought etc. Sadly many people personify and consequently misinterpret "dog". Peace.

    I'm just tried of people fixating on the pits. I have a beautiful 1/2 pit 1/2 Jack Russel who let's his beagle "brother" play extremely rough with him. The beagle bites and pulls at his skin to the point it hurts because Leroy will cry. Leroy just stands and takes it and never turns on the beagle. Pits are more docile than people want to believe. They just want to believe that the dogs are viscous and attack at will.

    Thank You Colleen!

    I totally agree with you colleen.

    I'm don't think that a dog that bites should always be put down. Here ih the UK Pit Bulls have been banned for a few years now, the powers that be classed them as dangerous dogs. The dangerous ones were mainly owned by thugs and criminals. Now they can't have Pit Bulls they are taking to own Bull Terriers and training them to bite. Its not the dogs it's the people who own them that make them aggresive.



    Doolittle is Very Distressed!!!!  And Quite Disgusted!!!  If Doo had the funding she would take all of these dogs in and gently talk the situation over!!!  Many dogs are very smart and sensitive!  They very rarely attack if unprovoked.  In fact, Doo has gone into shelters to discuss why the dog has been given up or run away- it is Never their fault!  They are pack animals and need their pack to be respectful to them!!!!  So, it their primary Pack is a human or family, they will eventually settle in- and obey rules in which they understand!  Dogs are not guns, they are not meant to fight to the kill with other dogs or humans!  They are not born to undergo undue harshness, physical or psychological punishment, and poor treatment!!!!  They are not on this Earth to have humans in-breed them to the point that their brains can not reason!!!  Doo, has met many, many, many dogs and has also listened to un-countable conversations they have had with one another!!!  Humans are at fault here-period. No Exceptions (except for those dogs that are wild and contract rabies..then, you put it down to nature!)  DO NOT OWN A DOG BECAUSE: You want to control another living being, you want to beat them into submission, you are going to train them to harm other animals or humans, you want to 'experiment' with them..withholding food, water, attention, love, medical care, or placing them in extreme weather conditions!  I need to go vomit at the thought of all of this!!!!


    I'll hold the bucket Doo! Very distressing indeed! :(

    ...I second that emotion Doc..bigtime!

    hear hear DOO. I agree with you 100%.

    When people come to realize that the MEDIA is the fault of everything! I know I bitch about the media all the time but listen up people! It's the media that gets on a story that sells and they will beat it to the ground! Unfortunately, too many of you don't see the pattern.

    Dogs:  Dangerous ones, according to the media.

    1960's It was the bulldog in the news

    1970's  It was the German Shepard that was constantly in the news 

    1980's and 1990's it was the Doberman that was attacking everyone according to the media

    2000 came the Pit Bulls and they are attacking and killing humans daily (someplace)

    The media will dig up these maulings and report on them no matter where it happens, you'll hear about it.  Unfortunately, it does happen but considering how far and wide the media must search for it its a rare occurrence. BUT gather all you can find and its an epidemic!   The pit bull is the target now but they are blaming the dog, its the owner that needs to be euthanized. or at least caned like they do in China. 

    Here in CA the Pit Bull is a status symbol for gangs, they mistreat these dogs and make them into aggressive weapons, the dog is doing what it was taught to do, or perhaps responding to the way it was treated.

    I had a cocker spaniel that bit me in the ankle, I wonder why that  didn't make the news?? :) 




    Vinny I have lived in two towns here in California where there is lots of gang activity. I didn't know that Pit Bulls were a status symbol for gangs.
    Thank you for that very important information.

    I totally agree with you. They are as docile as any other dog. I believe it is the owner of the dog that is at fault. Any dog can be vicious if trained that way.

    and if you let the dog become a good dog, and don't teach it to attack, all of the above are just big old lap dogs!

    I  read more about attacks by Pitt Bulls than any other kind of dog. I don’t trust any dog. I had the sweetest, kindest Golden but she never came close to the children in my preschool. Sometimes I’d put her on her leash and we’d all trail around the block. It was her joy and their pleasure.

    Colleen, I do know how you feel because I have relatives who have a Pit Bull and they get very tired of people yapping at them. Their three nieces (age 2-7) are not allowed to go to their house.

    I had a Black Lab Mix when I was little. The dog slept with me and when my parents came in to tuck me in dog would growl, snarl, and drool. Terrible. It got so when I turned over in my bed that stupid dog would protect my right leg from my left.  It took my parents a very long time to euthanize the dog. Nobody would take it. NOBODY.

    I’d have any dog that killed a human put down. I could not bear to be around it.  That was what happend to the Pit Bull in the above story. Apparenty the old man has disabled because he was cared for by his son.His son has quite a debate deciding whether or not to have the dog euthanized. He did not have a chcice because the animal patrol people would not let him have a vicious animal in his home.


    Pitbulls have the highest rate of being a dog to be trained to attack and kill. I blame humans more than I do the dog. These dogs are trained to be guard dogs,attack dogs and fighting dogs. Of course they will fall into the highest rate of attacking. The majority have been trained to do so.

    My childhood dog was not abused in any way. No way. We got him when she was more than a pup and I don't know his history.
    For a moment there it sounded like my parents were monsters who mistreated our dog and taught him to be mean. I certainly did not mistreat that dog.

    @ Itsmee, some dogs are just bad. Just like people, dogs can have mental issues too. I would have taken the dog to an aggression therapist to see if her aggression was caused by an illness. Your parents chose to not spend the money on her to find out however. I do not fault the dog for her actions. She did not receive the help she needed. It's not like she had the ability to help herself.

    Pit Bulls at the moment are fashionable with the young people because of there alleged reputation, they prefer aggressive dogs, the only reason for agressive dogs are their agressive masters, the dog is made this way not born this way!! 


    I agree any dog can be aggressive if the owners encourage it.

    If the dog wasn't protecting someone, or its territory, and just attacked and killed without provocation, in answering the quesion, I would say putting the dog down would be proper. It doesn't matter what breed it is, it doesn't matter what its history is, it is a dog now known to kill without provocation.

    I mean, think about it, would you want a dog that has already killed without provocation to be around your family? Not me, and there's just no logical reason I would want to put another human being at risk to being exposed to that danger. It might be an animal, but it's commited the equivalent to murder.


    Do you believe in capital punishment for anybody who kills without known provocation?

    In certain unmitigable circumstances...I most definitely do. I also know the difference between apples and oranges.


    I know both Pits and Amstafs.and they are cute as ever and I had half Rotweiler and she was tough but loved  everybody. Here in Finland most of the cases where dog has bitten a child are caused by adults' stupidity. It is always the dog that pays the ultimate price, its life.


    Over 80% of Gamepits are not aggressive enough to fight, and they are bred to fight. So it is not in the dogs it is in their training.

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