value of a life estate of a 88 year old black female

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    This is not enough information or the place you should be asking.  I am not understanding why the pigment of skin is of any concern  and what on the planet did this person accomplish in one single life time.... ?

    What did this person own?

    Where did they live?

    ... And, where the heck is the lawyer?

    What are you talking about?  The question does not make sense. Colour should not matter when someone's estate is concerned. Colour shouldn't matter at all for anything.

    The question is worded incorrectly.  You meant to ask what an estate belonging to an 88 year old woman would be worth.  The term life estate is inappropriately used here.  To use it correctly, see my definition below.  I just answered it a few minutes ago.




    This is one of the most inappropriately addressed questions I have ever heard.  It reeks with bigotry and discrimination, not to mention an air of greed.  Of course, I could be wrong. 

    An estate is not determined by age, color, or gender.  Contact an estate attorney.  

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