what to give a dog for constipation

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    Constipation Remedies for Pets

    Updated: 03/19/2012

    While perhaps not the most desirable of all subject matter, constipation can at times be a fact of life for our pets. Constipation can occur in pets for any number of various reasons and might result from pets that have ingested clumps of grass, as a result of swallowing bones, or could be due to a hairball blockage.


    Constipation can be a very serious issue regardless of whether it occurs on just an occasional basis, or perhaps on a more regular one for those pets who may be more prone to the problem. Did you know that certain breeds of dogs could experience more difficulty when defecating than others will? It may sound strange but it's true. Dogs that have corkscrew like tails often have anatomical characteristics that interfere with the normal defecation process, which can mean chronic constipation problems. Remember that the longer the waste sits in the body without being passed, the more water that will be pulled out of it by the colon. This means that the stool will become more and more dry, making it yet even more difficult to pass.

    One of the best ways to deal with constipation is to prevent it. A very healthy and easy way to do that is to incorporate pumpkin into your pet's food. Yes, that's right - I said PUMPKIN. The simple fact is that pumpkin is a great source of fiber and has a high water content. Both of which contribute to keeping your pet's bowl movements regular. You'll want to make sure that you use the pureed canned pumpkin, or you can puree your own using a fresh pumpkin. Either way however don't buy pumpkin pie filling by mistake; it's definitely not the same thing. The following scale will help you determine how much you should mix into every meal.

    Pets who weigh less than 15 pounds = 1 - 2 teaspoons
    Pets who weigh 15 - 35 pounds = 1 - 2 tablespoons
    Pets who weigh 35 pounds and up = 2 - 5 tablespoons depending on size

    (Monitor your pet's stool, if the consistency of the feces is pudding- like, then just cut back on the amount of pumpkin a bit.)

    Here's a great trick so that none of that canned or fresh pumpkin goes to waste before you use it all. Use ice-cube trays to freeze individual portions of pumpkin. Once each portion is set, dump them out into a freezer bag so that each day you can remove and thaw out the amount that you require.

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    If your dog is in pain, take it to Vet.

    You can give a dog Pumpkin, added to its normal meal. High Fiber foods and Bran. Leafy veggies, and Apples,(No Seeds) Walking, helps to loosenand allow the dog to have regular motions. The longer the waist remains in body, it becomes more painful for your dog, because it becomes more hard and dryer the excrements becomes. Make sure dog has fresh drinking water.

    Avoid giving your dog Bone biscuits or raw bones as they could make the condition worse.

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