Is it better to take a shower in the morning or in the evening?

    Is it best to take a shower in the morning or in the evening?

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    I take one in the morning because I like feeling fresh and also one after I finish working as I work with  clay and chemicals for glazing. ... and the glaze it's self.  Ceramics is messy business. 


    Ha! It is....but the smell of clay is intoxicating!

    Smells like dirt!!! Very comforting and earthy.

    Wonder of wonders, I've been feeling like doing a painting again. After mum passed on, the urge left me, but it's back.

    Very cool Eggie. I feel like painting again too... there must be something in the air! :)

    As far as health goes, an evening hot shower for 15 minutes 90 minutes before bed makes it easier to fall asleep and makes your sleep better because when you raise your body temp before bed, it lowers before bed making it easier to sleep. A morning cold shower wakes you up and has several health benefits. Depending on what you need, pick what you want.


    Can I use yours "Ed mine cost to much I was thinking of a "Blow Torch" when under "cold water .Good Idea ?

    Don’t you want to try a solar hot water heater first?

    The answer lies in activity level and such.  When do you work, play etc???  I like late evening showers- but I must admit I get severe bed head, It all depends what my plans are.


    "Answer wear a "HAIR NET".

    ROFL!!!!!!!! Ummm...NO

    There are good reasons to shower in the morning and good ones to shower in the evening. If you can do both, bully for you.  I would think the evening shower needn't be as long and all- inclusive in the soaping up.....a light scrub would suffice.  Good time to try the different products available.  Smell nice when you hit the sheets.  


    I always smell nice using my "wife`s deodorant!!

    shh! thats a "secret"

    depending on your line of work, you should take a shower as soon as you get home.- - - - like if it's germy work. When I was an LPN, I got out of my uniform right away and put it in water with Lysol in it. Then, i took a shower..>> > > no, not in the Lysol water.

    Do you want to wash off the day or get ready for it?  I can see both happening. Me? I just shower when I feel like I need it be it twice a day or 23 times............

    You may want to take a shower in the evening because you want to feel fresh before you sleep. The other reason is because you have been out the whole day and you may want to shower away all the dirty and germs that have accumulated on your body.

    Both would be best.


    Only If you work down a "COAL MINE" lol

    I normaly take one in the evening and one in the morning to wake me up but when you have worked all day I come home and shower and put my slouchy clothes on and then I feel real comfortable I do really think its up to the person

    Personal preference for either or depending upon what you're doing during the day. Sometimes I take a morning shower then garden in the afternoon and take a shower when I come inside. So it depends on circumstances.

    I shower in the morning. After reading your comments, I am going to start taking a quick shower in the evening too.  


    me, too!

    It really doesn't matter to me. I take one once a month, whether I need it or not!

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