Do you believe our government is practicing true democracy?

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    Only in our wildest dreams.

    Yes, we will soon vote Obama out.......


    No.  We do not have true democracy.  True democracy is where every single person votes on every single decision made by government, which is not practical. We have a representative democracy, where we elect people to make these decisions on our behalf.  If we don't like the decisions being made we can fire our representatives by voting them out of office in the next election.  That's why it's so important for everyone to vote.  People can criticize our representatives all we want, but unless we participate by voting, we are just whiners and complainers. 

    This site is on the World Wide Web. What government?


    Grab yer torches and pitchforks people...let the revolt begin!!!! (Them were the secret code words for flash mob wasn't they?) LOL!

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    I tu-ed you again for your excellent and succinct response to this weary quest! :)

    Thank you, lindilou! It's nice to no I'm not vilified by everyone here. :)

    You Rock...keep it spicy! Peace!! :)

    True democracy only exists in each individual state, where people elect town officials, state representatives a senator and governor and congressman. We send our congressman and state representatve to Washington where they vote on our behalf. It is not true democracy.

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