Does Alcoholics Anonymous help people with a drink problem?

    My friend  has problems when she drinks - so she has a drink problem Will AA help her stop drinking?




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    I got her to go to AA and we all went for a coffee afterwards they seemed nice people She told me later she didn't feel alone anymore and she will go to AA again She is having trouble with the idea of never drinking again as they told her she suffers from a mental obsession and she has become physically allergic to alcohol  Her abnormal reaction (allergy) is that when she starts drinking - even a teaspoon full - she cannot stop Also booze makes her depressed, anxious and paranoid One of the women members we were with has not drank alcohol in any shape or form for 31 years yet was once a homeless drunk Many in the group were just ordinary people who had just lost control of their drinking though.


    The road is long and often crowded...this is good news..thanks for caring about your friend!!! :)

    It helped my step brother.  He has been sober for a very long time. 

    It did not help my sister because she couldn't get to the two years of sobriety point and her common law husband said that she was only permitted to go into rehab once,  She listened to him and eventually passed away because she could take no more.  Her sponsor also became too busy and was too far away to help in the last year.

    You may want to organize an intervention with your friend's family and friends... it is worth a try... the only person who can do the work is your friend but it is far easier if she has support.

    Good Luck.

    Alcoholics Anonymous or AA can really help a person who has decided that they have a drinking problem and want to stop drinking- it is a good choice.

    Indeed it does both my mom and dad both went to AA and never touched a drop the last 20-30 years of their lives, not to mention all the other friends Bill has helped as well..

    Drinking destroys people.  It destroys lives, families, relationships.  Many people consider alcoholism a disease of the brain.  AA is probably the best-known, oldest program designed to treat alcoholism and teach alcoholics how to resist the temptation to drink.  Alcoholics are never cured, but they can stay sober a long, long time.  Your friend needs help, and it's your job as a friend to make sure she gets it and sticks with it.  Make sure she goes to an AA meeting near you.  Both of you will feel better if you do. 


    AA helps people stay sober.Many people can find help and encouragement at the Salvation Army sobriety programs as well...but the person has to want to get sober!!!

    You know there's the AA-AAA   That's the "Alcoholics Anonymous- Automobile Club'

    Drunken drivers really aren't that bad, at least they are 'trying' to drive-- it's the sober ones driving that don't give a hoot we gotta watch out for.. LOL    

    Thank you for your understanding


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    if your intending to help someone get off alcohol,youll need to be a very patient nd understanding person one who can take verbal abuse without retaliating who is calm .doesnt get hurt easily nd someone who will stand by this peson no matter wot.if your a willing sacrifice youll need all the perfessional advice you can get hold of to understand each stage of wot there going thru ,i wish you all the luck in the world

    The intervension idea seems a good one and othrs have suggested I go to Alanon - family groups for the friends and family of the person who drinks too much


    Alanon is a very good idea. Alcoholism is a disease that effects not only the alcoholic but those who surround that person. It took me a long time to understand my sister's disease.
    Good Luck, Fishie

    Cerberus 66 Alanon is a good coping strategy for anyone suffering from anothers' addiction...go for it!

    Shore helped me, now I dont spill me beer (HIC)

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