Black is color right ? and white is color too then why B/W TV is not color

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    brown is the new black

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    Actually black and white are shades not colours.  That is why it is called a Black and White TV.

    Black and white are considered colours when refering to paint, crayons, coloured pencils etc... When studying art they are considered shades.  It sounds very confusing but it is not. 


    That's enlightening. T U, Fishlet

    The TV screen  is  coated  with  a phosphor black /white .Colour is coated with red. blue . green .phosphors arranged in dots .

    Black is the lack of color, white is all colors combined, so you need to be able to see all the colors to really be color..........


    All colors combined make black. Get some paints and try it.
    Headless Man

    1. Black is the absence of color (and is therefore not a color)

    2. White is the blending of all colors and is a color.

    Light and paint are two different things....

    Then it should be explained in better detail such as: The sum of all the colors of light add up to white. Light should have been part of your answer to differentiate between light and paint or say crayons.

    one of my grade school teachers said black is the result of all the colors combined.

    Black and white are not on the colour wheel... I learned exactly the same things as Mycatsmom... but it is a photon thing and seeing as there is no light then there can be no colour as the eye is registering nothing.

    Ironic, isn't it?


    I think you've possibly uncovered a conspiracy!

    Doo loves conspiracy theories!!! They make Doo laugh and laugh!!

    If you don't see black and/or white in this picture, they are not colors""


    That's pretty

    Black is no color and white is all colors.  Black surface absorbs all spectrums wavelenghts and white reflects all of them.


    pik, sounds plausible

    because that does'nt hv other colors that will have only black n white colors which is in name b/w tv where as in color tv u'll hv million colors u cant say all colors its simply called color tv

    the reason black and white t/v`s are black and white is that different colours are different wave lengths with blue being the shorter through to red being the get colours on screen you need "guns" that fire the different wave lengths at the screen ,the mixture forms the spectrum of colours.

    because black and  white TV is not colorful ---speaking as someone who partially  grew up with black and white TV .

    Black is a lack of colour. White is the presence of ALL colours. This has nothing to do with the colour wheel in the art world. It has to do with religion and science combined, under one rule, which is odd at best. Black is the nothingness of the Universe and White is the presence of the ALL of the Universe - in all its glory. Kind of nice I think.

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