do you people who also have the misfortune of bad eye site prefer glasses or contacts?

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    glasses :)

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    Glasses.  They add flair which is why I have 24 pairs.


    That is totally amazing, Fishlet. Totally. I have 2 pair and have thought off the tip of my mind that I would like a third pair.
    I can't wear contacts and that makes me unhappy. My glasses make my eyes look small. And my eyes are my best part.

    I know what you mean... My husband has gorgeous eyes and I am the only one who gets to see them without glasses. Le' Sigh.


    I have both and find that though I hate glasses contacts irritate my eyes after a few hours, recently broke my glasses and can hardly wait for friday to pick up my new ones


    My wife just got a pair from zinni,We went for the cheapest just in case they were wrong or she didn't like them. She said there very nice and is going to get a better pair with the transition lenses. By the way the trial pair were $19.00 plus shipping and clip on sunglases I think it came to $34.


    I had the lasik done three years ago.. glad i did....


    My options glasses or glasses I actually have 2 pair of them, one for reading and other for being.

    Contacts always irritated my eyes- was in glasses for years- then got lasix- now I need reading glasses- LOL...but I don't have 24 pair LOL

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