What do you like best about the town, city or state where you live?

    If you could write a promotional piece about where you live for tourists or visitors, what would you brag about?

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    The City in the Country where your home becomes the ultimate tent.

    All wonderful experiences are only a short car ride away and we have berries ... lots of berries... oodles of berries. 

    A very sad sidebar... Edgar Allan Poe is not buried here.


    I like berries! :)

    Sidebar: Because I live on!

    I know the exact location of The Poe home, the exact sidewalk where he died..and the Awesome NFL (AFC) team named after The Raven. Come visit- it really is just a short drive to "Charm City"

    Charm City... now that is something. :)

    Thanks for the info, doolittle, but I'm still alive and wandering the streets of Baltimore every day. Perhaps you've seen me? :)

    it would have to be the Village and then the hills which join on to the Pennines and the local pub

    The golf courses in my area are all superb, we include the home of golf St Andrews,the people here in general are friendly and you can always be sure of a good Scottish welcome, the history all around my home abounds, lived here all my life and I still discover something new about it daily.


    Rain Date ;)

    Fresno, California!  Only a short 2-3 hour drive from anyplace you would rather be!!


    Bob, I'd rather be in WV, now, Please show me how in 2-3 hrs.!jesting

    Kinda long drive for me though!
    Bob/PKB have to start in Fresno and want the mountains, an ocean, lake, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. We got casinos, pro sports, concerts, theatre....and itsmee and Bob/PKB.

    Ms Bob i loved San Francisco when i was there, very much like it's sister city Sydney -- care free!

    Yes, Fresno is the town where itsemee and Bob/PKB bloom. By the way, we have Costco!

    You guys have a Costco!!! Well then that is a reason to visit plus itsmee and Bob/PKB (who rhyme)... If you have a Walmart with flair then we shall all be there!

    We have the biggest Walmarts west of the Mississippi! We have WINCO, too.


    1. I live 12 miles outside the City.

    2. Two miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

    3. The place is clean.

    4. Most malls and stores are fairly new.

    5 Plenty of good restaurants.

    6. People are polite.

    7. Sun shines 80% of the time.

    8. Found a bar with $2 draft beer.

    Whats not to like?  Glad I left New Jersey.



    ..and some great golf courses.

    I think most of the great Golf courses are two hours south in Myrtle Beach SC.

    If you are in to water sports my state is the one to visit, with almost 4000ks of coastline of clean translucent waters. of various colours of blues and greens, it is a mecca for swimmers, divers, surfers, and of course fishermen after the big fish which i assure you there are, or you might like to go in a shark cage off of our west coast to look at the Great White straight in the eye, all 6 metres of him, Steven Spielberg did his underwater scenes for Jaws in this area, the other liquid spot is the renown wine country of some of the world best wines - The Barossa Valley, the Coonawarra region and the Clare district or maybe The Southern Vales, or you may wish to go and look for Opal at Coober Pedy seeing  outback life on the way. ----- South Australia the Wine State, the only state to have free settlers rather than convicts.


    How very beautiful your homeland sounds. My mom was blessed to visit Australia many years ago and it is one of her favorite memories.

    LLB..once I convince the Aussie Authorities that my cat is fine and needs no quarantine I'll be knockin' at you door Singing Little Doo is here to visit You!!!

    You are both welcome, anytime -- cheers.

    bl, that sounds so beautiful.

    Dont have to "Brag .Its all there to see with the naked eye.West coast I live in Greenock on the "River Clyde looking across the river to wonder at the "Beauty of the hills the towns of  Helensburgh "KILCREGGAN ARGYLL DUNBARTONSHIRE.The Oldest Paddle steamer the WAVERELY.Last sea-going steamer in the "World.Calls in at GREENOCK and LARGS for day trips across the river to DUNOON .The American NAVY was stationed there in the Sixties.I am very lucky to live here .


    Doo be Doo will visit you when you are done with the list called Honey-do ;)

    The "Music Capital Of The World":...What do you think, what else be said?........Viva Austin, Tx.......


    With you on "that "

    I like my town the best because my three little grandaughters live around the corner from me.


    I have three grandsons, one granddaughter. Little kids are so funny, especially when they are first learning to talk and they chatter away to you.

    Good enough reason to stay there & love it Itsmee.


    1.clam chowda

    2cape cod

    3the history


    5the lingo..wicked pissa

    6a dunkin doughnuts on every corner and a pub in between

    7the red sox

    84 of july..


    What, you didn't mention swimming in the Charles River?

    ooohhh no thanks..

    What is "wicked pissa?"

    wicked pissa is slang for ..awesome

    Northern Maine...the people are nice, and it's mostly a very peaceful place. The people tend to show more respect for one another than where all the tourist run from in the summer months.

    South East Queensland.Beautiful weather (Usually), Excellent beaches,Theme parks galore,nice friendly people AND ME!  Oh! the seafood is pretty terrific too!

    I live in a country village, named Kill, population approximately 2,500. It has won numerous awards in Irelands Tidy Town/Village competitions. It is intresting for people intrested in Horses.The famous Goffs Blood Stock Sales Ring. Kildare is well known for horse riding tradition with a number of Horse riding schools The Gaelic name for Kill is (An Chill) meaning , The Church. Have shops, 2 Pubs, 2 Churches, Garda Station,many more places. including Local Park. Also close to six motor ways, public transport, and about 15 miles from Dublin, and 7 miles from nearest town. I love living in my village, as there is alot of green.


    Sounds nice, but I bet it gets cold in the winter! I'd love to study the local history.:)

    Russrocks, maybe through Adm, we could exchange E-Mail addeys and hope fully I could help you with some Local history ?

    sounds a good place to live luck you Dollybird.

    Visiting Ireland is on my bucket list. It is right at the top.

    Mountain View CA, the heart of the Silicon Valley, home to soo many hi-tech companies, Google, HP, Sun etc, we have NASA Ames, also aerospace museum. My town of about 60k people is 40 miles south of san Francisco, 20 miles to San Jose, 1/2 hour to the Pacific ocean beaches, our crime rate is almost ~0~ and the weather is beautiful almost year round. Beautiful mountain scenery ice caps in the winter I can see from my home. We have over 200 restaurants downtown and its withing walking distance and they are cheap! (competition) We have street festivals all summer  on weekends and always music in the park -  It is beautiful! I have lived here for 28 years... But now I want to leave and go back to my birthplace in Ohio where there's nothing to see, bad weather and high crime.


    Well, that is perfectly logical ;)

    The Pretenders.
    Home is where the heart is. :)

    1 hour to LA; 2 hours to San Diego; 20 minutes to 6-7 beaches; 1.5 hours to sky resort; some of the best public schools in the USA; great place for families; great wether and many more not the least the soon to come greatest earthquake ever...

    The town in which I live is a small hamlet where everybody knows everybody and I like it that way. It is comfortable and secure and when I venture outside it's boundries, I have a sense of peace when I return home.

    Here we have NO:  tidal waves, earth quakes, tornados, hurricanes, flooding, erupting volcanos, or civil unrest; and we rarely have a murder a year in our entire county.  Plus there are far more churchess to choose from than Taverns.


    Where are you? Heaven?

    Almost ;) Middle-desert....1/2 way to heaven. lol

    Saudi Arabia?

    The castle in the clouds , a mansion, was built in 1902 by a very rich man. It sits atop a mountain, overlooking Lake Winnepesakee and has 5 500 acres of land. It is a tourist attraction.  Lake Winnepesakee,  (Smile of great spirit) largest Lake in NH. with 71 square miles,and 253 Islands.


    Cool- can I come visit??

    Sure , come on to NH. I'll introduce you to Mitt Romney. He has a place on Winnepesakee.

    I've lived in tiny tons, medium size towns, cities that were more like big towns, and cities.  They each have had their pluses and minuses.  Right now I am here for a variety of reasons- but I do have a wanderlust to try a new place out!  Until then I will enjoy the close proximity to 2 cities and the beach, and The Chesapeake Bay!!!!

    Haven’t seen you for a long time. I remember your poly sci answers. Whatcha doing?


    I think he's still suspended.

    I was unsure. Maybe he’ll return .. maybe not. I have not the slightest idea what the trouble was nor do I need to know, Fishlette.

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