what do you see when you die

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    i don`t know. no one has ever come back to tell me!

    Anything you envision you will see now is what you will see there. First and foremost, you will see loved ones who went on before you.  

    When you die, it compare to sleep, that what my understand of death, and when end time come along no one know when that will be , then you will wake up to an eternal life.


    I never understood the idea of having to wait to enter heaven until after the end of time. What exactly is the end of time? Time is infinite. I plan on being very busy living new lifetimes while you layabouts are sleeping :)

    You will die like everyone else Colleen or maybe you think you'll live forever, I say think again!

    I know I will "die" or rather this body will die but Soul continues on. It get's a new body when it reincarnates and lives a physical life again. One lifetime is just not enough to learn all that God puts us into a physical life to learn. It's especially not long enough for those who die so young. Earth is a school for Souls. We learn here. How much have you learned? Do you believe you know everything? To give Soul only one life is like sending your child to school for one semester and expecting that child to know much. I see no point in soul laying around sleeping when there's so much to learn about everything in existence, here and beyond. This is why sleeping for thousands of years, like all those who died thousands of years ago are apparently doing right now, makes no logical sense at all. Maybe whoever created your religion should have thought about this. He needed to think!

    My only way I can explain this sleeping thing has no time issue whether a minute or a thousand year make no difference.when you'r sleeping do you know how long? unless you look at a clock!

    Yes, even in my sleep I'm still aware and I can judge how long I've been sleeping.

    You may be one of a kind when you sleep and the next day you awake there might of been a thousand year that went by, and how would you prove otherwise?

    Sorry, your argument is just making the whole idea sound more and more far fetched. Your last thought makes it sound like mind games and I'm pretty sure God is above mind games. I'm sure after 1000 years, anyone could tell the difference between the last day and 1000 years later.
    Anyway, you have your beliefs (which I still fail to understand but no matter) and I have mine. I can agree to disagree. I hope you at least wake up feeling well rested when the time comes. I'll have been busy helping to build the new world you wake up to, the world you believe will be eternity :)

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