everyone has heard of egg beaters, the eggs that are better for you than shell eggs. so just where do these eggs come from if not from a shell?

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    Egg beaters are the whites of eggs and are made for people like me with allergies.  Before my pregnancy with my son I could not tollerate the yellow of eggs... now I am fortunate enough not to have to eat the tasteless egg beaters product.

    Egg beaters are just the whites, that's why they are suppose to be better for you. 


    and they use some sort of dye to turn it yellow- I guess because it looks like real eggs??????

    Mine were not ever yellow Doo.

    Yes, here they add a dye to colorize them and make them look more eye appealing.

    All you know about eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nutrition Notes

    Eggs are an excellent source of high quality protein plus they provide many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12, riboflavin, vitamin D, folate and iron. Eggs do contain cholesterol (about 200 mg per large egg), present only in the yolk. However, recent research has found that our total and saturated fat intake has a greater impact on blood cholesterol levels than dietary cholesterol. Eggs can be part of a low-fat, healthy diet.Varieties

    Most of the eggs we eat today are hen's eggs. They come with white or brown shells. Duck, goose or quail eggs may be available at some gourmet food shops or from local farmers. There are some other breeds of chicken such as the Araucana, whose eggs are blue or greenish in hue. Exotic eggs such as ostrich and emu can also be found at local breeders.

    Omega-3 eggs

    Omega-3 enriched eggs are produced by altering the feed given to the laying hens. Hens are fed a special diet that contains 10-20% ground flaxseed, which is higher in omega-3 fatty acids and lower in saturated fatty acids than other grains. The total fat content and the cholesterol level of omega-3 eggs are almost the same as regular eggs. Omega-3 eggs are about twice the price of regular eggs.

    Liquid egg product

    You may also find liquid egg products on the shelves that aren't egg substitutes. These are just eggs without the shell. It is ready to use in a convenient liquid format and can easily be frozen. Great for baking and quick scrambled eggs and omelets, although they may not taste quite the same as fresh eggs.

    Eggs with extra nutrients

    Eggs with extra nutrients such as vitamins E and B12, as well as folate are showing up on store shelves. Burnbrae Farms recently introduced their Naturegg VitaPlus variety. By altering the hen's feed, processors can change the nutrient profile of the egg. Apparently, VitaPlus eggs have 8 more times Vitamin E, 3 times more Vitamin B12 and 3 times more Folic Acid than regular eggs. While not necessary, these eggs wouldn't be harmful - but you'll probably pay a premium for them.

    Egg Substitutes

    Egg substitutes, such as Egg Beaters, are made with egg whites so they contain no fat or cholesterol. They have the same amount of protein as regular eggs. Manufacturers add some vitamins, minerals, coloring and natural flavoring so that it looks and tastes as similar as possible to whole egg. As they are pasteurized, you don't have to worry about the risk of salmonella poisoning. But they will taste a little different.

    Egg substitutes were created in the 1970's in response to the "cholesterol" scare. Today, we know that these products aren't necessary. However, they may still be useful for those who want to cut back on fat and who don't mind paying the added cost for convenience.You'll find egg substitutes in the dairy case near the whole eggs or in the frozen food section.

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