what keeps you living

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    There are the obvious things like Oxygen, Water, Food, & Shelter ...

    After those, I think there is such a thing as a will to live. That comes with helping others, strong love bond, hobby or job that is very interesting.

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    For me, there are several.

    1. My Doctor, I DO what HE tells me

    2. My wife, I DO what SHE tells me, or else. 

    3. She was a Nurse so I  eat  what SHE tells

    4. My Personal Trainer, I DO what HE tells me for six days of the week

    5. My eleven Grand Children and my two Great Grand Children, they NEED my guidance and have yet to acquired enough of  my knowledge and wisdom.

    6. The most probable reason I keep living at 86, is that God has not yet decided when he wants me.



    You are doing great! Congratulations. Keep listening. (and praying)

    "OH .Doing what I am told . Thats what  keeps me living.Otherwise Eat well " like "Omega 3  FISH.also eat veg and fruit .Dont "Smoke or "Drink like long walks .

    My time is not up yet. 

    Oh, I must live until another Doctor Doolittle is ready to take over!!!  Who in the world would talk to all of the animals????

    I was born therefore I live

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