what is the biggest penis on record

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    You need to research this question elsewhere. We have no interest in assisting you to find the answer.

    Had you provided more information (which you eventually did in your response below), you would have received the types of responses which you NOW explain, you were seeking. Your question was taken in the context which seemed to be implied.

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    So what good would it be to have a BIG one?  The motion of the ocean is what counts. Everything else is just a FREAK show!

    Actually, Alan, the way you phrased the question I was going to give you the truth.  However, it was an animal not a human penis.  You see, your question said nothing about writing a paper or human sexuality.



    Find the answer in the guinness book of world records...


    Best guess!! The Narwhal whale is correct!!!! Why on earth do I know that??? Why?

    I believe the correct answer is the blue whale. The Narwhal is about 1/3 the size of the blue, so it is likely its appendages are proportional.

    Yes Whale!

    I don't care, do you actually? Is that your real name on you avatar.............?

    Wait! Don't go! I saw an awesome documentary about the Narwhal(e) and it purported that  whales are the most well endowed beings on the planet.If you mean human beings..well..years ago we saw a comedian whose member was such that it was regarded as a separate entity and included in the x-rated show...guy played can sense where that is going...needless to say this is my offering!!!!



    lindilou: I look forward to your comments. : )

    And I, my dear itsmee, love to respond! Especially when I can find appropriate pics to embellish or humorize them with...or perhaps lend more meaning...It's genetic methinks cuz my Paw was a documentary film-maker and so the love of art runs deep...and humor! ;)

    more intellectual fare on akaQA

    There is a big D!@#$ in the white house so if you are looking for a joke go there.

    evidently its not yours or you wouldnt be asking. ( giggle)

    You men  and your "members"...I think you should start an exclusive MEMBERS ONLY CLUB!!!....BUT NOT ON HERE!!!....(JUST HOW MANY TIMES HAS THIS ? BEEN ASKED???!!!...yawn! :-(

    The Washington Monument. The windows at the top are barred to prevent  folks from jumping into a rebirthing experience.


    ROFLMAO!!! :D

    Dont know and dont care.

    Hi Alan (which means handsome and cheerful)....this really is a good place for questions and answers, and I hope you will try us again when you have a question. We DO try to help as much as possible. 
    So many people have asked about enlarging (for starters), amid other questions that often seem inappropriate (to others as well as me). With an explanation at the beginning, you would have received serious answers.
    I hope your essay turns out well.  

    I see from your replies that you people think I want this information for personal use an to be nasty and vulgar.  I am in a psychology human sexuality class and I was wanting the information for an essay I am doing that I am trying to add an element of comedy.  

    Thanks for giving no inspiration except for the one person that said to look in the Guiness Book of Records. I guess this Ask a Question site is definitely not credible or cite-able.


    And YES, that is my real name.  There were 2 more before me.  I am the third (III)


    Thank you for the compliment :)

    You people?

    Alan Neece: Why do you call us “You People” ? Do you think we’re all the same?

    I wonder why some viewers think "naughty"? This is a question about a body member. It could have been the longest foot or the longest hair or fingernails. Sometimes a question is just a question.

    I wonder why you're acting so naive trying to come from an unreal perspective Lupe. What type of person actually needs to know this?

    TD ..for dissing this site !...:-(
    (Oh and good luck with your research..sounds like it`ll benefit society GREATLY!!:-Z...No ..Great and helpful bunch on here!..I just found your attitude rude personally..but that`s just me!!!

    It belongs to the "OHNO BIRD"!!!


    A "OHNO BIRD" has a erected one 4 inches long, an legs 1-1/2 inches long coming in for a landing screaming, OHNO, OHNO, OHNO.

    LMAO!!! ;D

    That's not "neece", Alan. Chances are, in a human, it's on the on the guy with the smallest brain. That being said, whip out a yardstick....or two.


    ROFLMAO!! ;D

    This raises a few interesting questions.

    1- Who would willingly nominate their peter for a championship award?

    2- Who would willingly volunteer to be a judge in such a competition ?

    3- How would the "champion" truly know that there isn't a humble hung "winner" somewhere out there on the planet that simply wasn't interested or aware of the gold-standard award ?

    I sure would like to give some thumbs down on some of these answers.  But since I can't, get your minds out of the gutters people!


    99% of the people who ask this question do have their minds in the gutter. The replies now, after a year of seeing this question asked over and over again, one can expect the answers you see here. Get real Lupe. Get your mind out of the gutter you believe ours are in. Some of us think about the children who visit this site. This is not an appropriate question for mixed company. I thought you stormed out of here months ago.

    <moved to where it belongs>

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    Well Colleen you got it wrong. I had my computer fixed and lost the toolbar this site was on. So I lost interest. I did not "storm" out of here months ago.

    For the record, when I saw this question, I thought of the whale not a human.
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    Colleen: Wow, it took you 6 months to find us again? Why do you always post as a new answer and not just comment back? Are you looking for attention? Edit this comment Delete comment

    Why are you, Colleen, trying to start a fight? The reason I was on here a week or so was to ask the question about the Amish marriage license if anyone knew if they registered with the county. I thought of this site and wondered if anyone knew.
    I know you do not like me so we can get on with life. I have no hidden adjenda.

    No, I just remember somethings you hurled at me months ago when you disappeared from the forum which you apparently have forgotten about. It's made me curious is all. No worries, carry on.

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