When is someone going to say something about the administration of the PCSSD? How can they continue to get away with this craziness?

    The administration has run that district into the ground.  They have wildly spent money they knew was not there.  On top of all the other problems, is anyone asking if the children were fed properly?  Is it all so easy to sweep this scandal under the rug and just reassign another incompetent person to a new job?  Let's just move him?  How do you know your child was not fed "rotten" food?  Not only could that have happened, but major money was also wasted.  How can it be just another slap on the hand for poor management?  Shouldn't someone lose their job?  Wouldn't someone lose their job if this were in the private sector?  How can the teacher's continue to be raked over the coals, when such blatant misconduct occurred and continues to occur within the administration?  It's such a controversial disaster.  Dr. Guess came into a wasp's nest, but seems to be someone's hand puppet.  Mr. Kimbrell's involvement is also contemptible.  He is so adamant that he's going to clean up the mess, but he doesn't acknowledge the obvious problems, much less act on them.  Seriously.  Taking down the teaching staff is so wrong.  The teacher's have complained for many years that the district was spending money recklessly. 

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    What are you trying to say that a grandmother with some help could take better care and feed these children better than the government could? and if you say yes then please just look how well they run the post office lol.

    Complain away here at their web site.

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