There's always another to-morrowHow hard the day.There's always an end to sorrow,Time wipes our tears away.There;s always a reason for living,Though sad your heart maybe.There's always another horizon,Beyond the one you see.

    There's always another to-morrow however hard the day.

    There's always an end to sorrow,

    time wipes our tears away.

    There's always a reason for living,

    though sad your heart maybe.

    There's always another horzon,  beyond the one you see !

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    Thankyou for the quote of the day.

    Baldy Man are very welcome

    very sweet, ad comforting relevent when times get tough, reminds me of words in a bereavment card

    Baldy Man

    Glad you enjoyed it.

    Are you back? 0.o

    Baldy Man

    Don,t tell me that you have missed me ?

    OK, I won't :)

    Did you write that?  If not who did and can you include the author's name on the bottom of the poem... thanks.

    Baldy Man

    I found it somewhere, not sure where !

    Adam's Tributes..

    That is a very nice poem!

    Baldy Man

    Glad you liked it.


    Baldy Man

    Please don't cry..............

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