My 5 month old collie/german shepherd pup(girl) still wee's n poo's all over even when pads/paper down. She has regular feeding times,regular walks, I come home at lunch to see her,worst of all she eats her poo! HELP ME!

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    You have to start taking the pads and paper outside.  Your puppy can't understand that the house is her den.

    The eating of her feces is a different matter and there is no one solution to this.

    Here are some ideas that may work...

    Coprophagia pills which are natural and available from your local pet store.

    Pick up after your dog immediately.

    Watch the dog when she is outside and when she does go to the bathroom praise her for leaving her stool alone.  If she goes to eat her stool say the command, "Leave it."  Firmly and in a low voice.  High voices excite dogs.  Low voices command respect.

    One thing that worked brilliantly for me was when I took my second dog out for walks I could almost pin point the spot where he would want to go to the bathroom.  I would pick up the stool very quickly and praise him instantly.  He stopped eating his stool as he viewed his walks as his job and not eating the stool pleased me.  Dogs respond well to praise and your dog is a working dog... give your dog a job. 

    Good Luck.

    I would suggest you talk to your vet about this.  There are things they can recommend to stop the poop eating.  Perhaps you should crate her when you are not home and keep her on a regular schedule.  Each time after she eats, take her out for a walk or a romp in the yard until she eliminates and give her lots of praise  and pets while she is doing it outside.  A small kibble treat might also help. If you can't come home for lunch on a regular schedule, keep her in a crate while you are at work and take her out immediately when you get home.

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