why do old folks say"don't cut the babies hair til he's a year old'?

    old wives tales say not to cut babies hair until they are at least a year ol why is that supposed to be


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    Birth and Infancy

    . Don't cut the baby's hair before its first birthday, or the baby will be very sickly.

    . After baby's first birthday, let someone whose traits you want the baby to emulate give the child its first haircut--this assures that the child will follow in the footsteps of its first barber

    . It is bad luck to comb, all the more, cut the baby's hair while it is asleep.

    . Don't throw away the strands from the baby's first haircut. Press them within the pages of a book to make the child intelligent. Better yet, if you want him to be a lawyer keep the locks within the pages of a book about laws.

    . If old folks are to be believed, a child future is pre-destined by his hair whirl. One hair whirl is normal. But look out for the child with two hair whirl--it means that the child will be headstrong, naughty and trouble-bound. Three hair whirl make for a lucky child.

    Only MYTHS!


    Sampson complex. lol :)

    My Aunt and Uncle had a son, then they wanted a girl, but they had another son. They let his blonde hair grow long, way over a year. Then they put a dress on him and took a picture. Is that fair? I'm crackin' up!


    I'm serious.

    The myth about hair is as old as time itself. It was believed that your strength was in your hair. Cutting a babies hair would make the child susceptable to disease and die. It was also believed that a womans power was in her hair and shaving it would fetter her powers. Jews and Religious still practice this form of tonsure even today.



    Apparently I was doomed before I even turned 1.  LOL!!!

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