1000 Ways to Die....Any comments about this one?

    A man is reported to have died in China after having his testicles squeezed during a dust up over a parking space.
    (the following is copied from a news source) 

    According to the Australian Telegraph, an argument arose between the shopkeeper victim and a scooter rider after she was making the school run to pick up her child from a primary school in Meilan District, Haikou City.

    Eyewitnesses are reported to have claimed that the 42-year-old told the unidentified woman that she was not permitted to park her vehicle in front of his store.

    The dispute is said to have escalated to a “violent fist fight” after the furious mum contacted her husband and brother to assist her.

    It is alleged that during the consequent scuffle that she lunged for the shopkeeper’s crotch, grabbed his testicles and squeezed until her collapsed on the ground.

    The man is reported to have died in hospital.

    Dr. Irwin Goldstein of San Diego Sexual Medicine at California’s Alvarado Hospital is quoted by as saying that such an assault could trigger cardiac arrest.

    He is reported to have said: “The testicles are exquisitely sensitive to touch and there is a huge release of adrenalin when there is excessive force applied to these organs.

    “Testicular pain is referred to the lower abdomen, mesenteric plexus, and causes men to stop abruptly what they are doing, lie on the ground, close their eyes and bend their knees.

    “A heart attack could certainly result from severe testicular pain from squeezing.”

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    Ouch!!!!!And im a woman!There must be men here with tears in their eyes just thinking about it!!!

    Yes, leosmami, I weep.

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    UUmmmm- Nope, don't want to die over a parking spot.....I'm with Russ, I just want my soul to leave my body in my sleep- peacefully with no physical pain involved!

    Made me hurt just reading this and not a good way to go if you ask me.

    That is truly horrible.  I can't imagine reaching that level of anger. 

    I imagine she won't be picking up any child from school any time soon.  She most certainly will be in the Clink for that bone head move.


    Dont "Believe "You !! Only woman can think of doing that "Kinky !! FISHY .Bet your poor hubby is wearing a leather jock strap LOL

    Ouch..Sounds like a rough neighborhood, I new a guy who was totally nuts but no one ever grabbed em..

    That was a terrible way to die. Who would have known!


    Pointless death. So unnecessary.

    My legs are still crossed and the chills are still running up my spine!!!!

    Thanks a lot P.



    Visual person are you? :)

    It's a man thing my feathered friend, a man thing, OOoooooooooh!!!!!!!!

    WOW! How'd you come up with this one? I'm hurting for the man, honest. I'll have to pass this one on to my male housemate.......


    I listen to "Bob and Tom" in the mornings on FM radio. They have a lot of "News of the Weird".

    I spend my radio time with Dr. Laura Shlessinger. For some reason, I find the show fascinating and funny. I suspect she has a huge crush on her engineer, 28-year-old,Effeme. He has the sexiest voice and he plays good music on the segeways. She tells everyone how to raise their kids but her own kid got into some really terrible trouble.
    I should change my ways and listen to Bob and Tom. (Maybe)
    Neighborhood gossip, eh?
    By the way, Dr. Laura is not riding a train.

    In my sleep... good night!

    It boggles the mind. People will fight over anything.

    But this vicious attack goes beyond the pale! Ouch! :(


    I am going to wear "Leather clad UNDIES!!

    You're a funny one. Love your humour! :)

    Personally, I'd like to die peacefully and happily in my sleep... or in some sort of heroic act of saving others.   


    Yes, you’d be in the nightly news but wouldn’t even know it.

    I thought you were talking about the show "1,000 Ways To Die" on the SiFi Channel.

    I must have missed the "Apple-Bag" squeezing death episode.  :0


    That's where the lead-in came from...fascinating show, though, isn't it.

    "OH what a death poor man ."You "Woman cant get  it  one way "You take it another !! Last "Dying words              "GREAT BALLS OF FIRE"

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