Was this a possible abduction or teleportation in Spain?


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    I don't get it. Guess I'm too sleepy tired........

    Anything is possible Sunshine.  I just don't know which article I am supposed to be reading when I click on to this site.  I get side tracked on that lightbulb UFO and other articles.  I never find what you are speaking of. 

    Can you please tell me where to look?

    Thanks,  The Fishie One.



    Possible Abduction or Teleportation in Spain

    By Scott Corrales Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy UFO Digest Latin America...
    It was the second article down.

    How on this planet did I miss that? I was mezmerized by the UFO man!

    It's true...anything...think up something quick!!! We saw amazing UFOs over Saskatoon when I was 5 or 6 and our mom told us not to tell anybody...she said nobody would believe us...but I believe...anything is possible baby!!!!

    1986? I guess news travels fairly slow there! That's definitely different.

    It's ROMOS again with that damn time machine business!!!!I just know it!!!  lol  :D""



    Eggie- I have decided, through this aka site alone, what will really happen on Dec. 21 this year.  You better sit down.  Yes, you can get a drink first (waiting, tap tap tap)  OK.  Over the past few weeks we have had a myriad of females come to this site stating that they have had unprotected sex and could they be pregnant...they would either volunteer last mestural period date, sex date..or reply when asked....and I started to count.....Yep, due to Spring Fever and unprotected sex there are going to be a heck of a lot of babies born on Dec. 21st!!!

    Oh, sure the aliens might visit- they come around a lot.  They aren't going to destroy us- just look at all of the unplanned child births and new babies!!!   (Sorry, but they like looking at human babies).

    Rest well my friend!  Now we know the truth!

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