My daughter just spent time in Chiang Mai and loved it! She is away touring India, Thailand and China.

    You should go with her the next time. Perhaps you can stay at our house when built next year.

    Oh, wouldn't that be something?! She went all through India and now can't say enough about Chiang Mai. I am looking forward to the pictures.

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    Ok... That is just too funny!  What a flipping fool going to see her!  He needs a new brain on top of new teeth!

    This just brings out the dark side in me!

    Ha ha ha!

    The man is an idiot.


    Yeah, it does make you wonder what he did to piss her off...or maybe she's just a psycho! She's probably a nut case though, because if you look at it from the perspective of him doing that to her, people would see it in a whole different light.

    I agree, Fishlet. He was a fool to see her for dental work. Did he really think she was alright with the break-up? Clearly he didn't know her well at all.

    Fear of dentists or fear of dentures???? lol

    I have full blown anxiety attacks in the dentist's chair... this man was a fool with a capital F.

    fishlet, you need to try Nitrous Oxide. (Laughing Gas) It’s lovely. I toured 1987 and all the various events. I do like my dentist. It costs $50, but it’s well worth it. I get it even when I have my teeth cleaned.

    I saw this article.  He was a damned fool for going to her.  She should lose her license for what she did.  There is no winner here.  
    You'd think they could work out their differences.  They appear to be equally stupid. 


    4am...thought I'd check in and see what was going on

    Well, I woke up- the cat escaped so we took a walk around the property..will go back for more sleep in a bit!

    Oh, man!  I need to piss her off big time. I have 19 left to go and I'm ready to lose them,,,,,


    I have a teeth thing. I faint in dentist chairs. I treat my teeth as if they are gems in my head and when you say the things you say ... I weep.
    I truly feel for you and it kills me.

    You need a thicker skin but, thank you............

    Fish, how are the health of your teeth ?

    I love it - Lorraina Bobbit goes Dental!!!

    I would like this dentist to "clean" my soon to be X's teeth :) 


    It's a little late, isn't it?

    1 am here. Watching "intervention" and wishing I would just go to bed. I think lindilou is hanging out somewhere around here, too. :D

    Doo---that was funny the way you put that. LOL

    It's evil, But hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. ( Who said that ? )


    William Congreve (24 January 1670 – 19 January 1729) was an English playwright and poet.

    T Y, PKB. I've wondered who said that for a long time.

    no truer words ...

    Did he collect from the "TOOTH FAIRY"?  Who paid for the dental work?


    Ha ha, dad. 2 2 funny. : DD

    It's hard not to laugh at that one. But the financial liability over something like this is enough to make her uninsurable, and the legal ramifications could get her license yanked in most places. She might have gotten the first laugh, but he very well might get the last!


    She lives behind the Iron Curtain, I think.

    Personally, I would think about the ramifications... he must have really done that woman way way wrong!

    I wonder if she snapped in the moment or planned ahead of time while sitting with a cup of coffee reading the files of the patients that were booked for the day. Sinister actually.

    I thought the last of that rusted out some time ago.

    Good on her, three cheers hooray!


    All 32? Could have kept one or two.

    There is  more to it  than that ? There were "Gold in them there Fillings. He did not trust Banks with his "Gold .But he met a "Digger"WHO was an Ex-rigger More money in Gold than Oil .First time a "Woman said to a "Man "Open up !! usually "Shut "UP"

    Was he out cold?

    This teeth talk is .... eeeeeek!!  I’ll huddle in the corner with you fishlet. Keep your mouf shut.

    I think this was an “evil deed done dirt cheap” in Desperate Housewives. Baaaaaaaaaaad.

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