If you could start over and choose a different career, what would you do?

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    Exploring the whole world!

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    I wouldn't pick any other path than the one I love which is art... I would however have chosen a different first husband.  ... but then, I wouldn't be where I am right now and so I had to experience those 21 years... GAK!


    And you wouldn't be the very wonderful Fishlet Mom to your little boy, either!!
    (I would love to make a positive influence on young people's lives. I'm sure you did.)

    I did a lot of subbing and volunteer work in the classrooms of my sons for years. There were some rewarding moments. The kind of exhaustion you are talking about...I got a taste of it. Best kind.

    An attorney, a therapist or psychologist, an author, an inner city teacher


    Why didn't we listen to our parents?

    I taught art classes in the inner city... tough gig.

    I did love my experience and I was filmed while doing it (A mini-mini documentary)... It was a wonderful adventure in art. The problem is that when you leave the influence leaves and then it's back to what it was before. ... Like the end of a Chick Flick... "But what happens next?" and also you are sooooo exhausted that 'exhausted' takes on a whole different meaning.

    Forensic Pathologist or maybe a stripper.


    Hmmm... Which one would make you more money? :)

    Ha ha...'twas only a way I'd be a...pathologist.

    I don't know. You look pretty cute in your picture. Furry and cuddly. :)

    Well, aka members feel make sure other members...emmm, het hem, ....chose the path- so, you will need to invite any, willing, member to your home to see if ..emm...baring your self is a good idea, Sorry for the pauses, trying to be..het hem...discrete.

    RR, I was serious about the Forensic Pathologist...there's just one glitch...I have a very weak stomach when it comes to the sight of blood.
    Dardaigh have me in stitches here! ROFLMAO!

    FP would be a fascinating job. Mark Harmon being on the scene would make it even better :D

    Hmmm...fringe benefits? I like it PKB! :)

    I had a friend who went to school for forensic pathology and there isn't a lot of jobs in that field in Canada... Le' Boo Hoo. You probably chose correctly. Le' Smile!

    Do you have the personality characteristics required in a good forensic pathologist?
    • A talent for and interest in science. This should include not only biology, but physics, chemistry, and the social sciences (anthropology and psychology). For the bread-and-butter technical part of your work, you should especially have a good grasp of spatial relationships.
    • Good communication skills. You will not only be interacting with law officers, but you'll be trying to convince judges and juries that your findings are valid.
    • Strong stomach. You'll be routinely dealing with dismembered and/or rotting bodies. From a pure visceral standpoint there is no job more disgusting than forensic pathology.
    • Thick skin. You will be periodically raked over the coals by the local media, who apparently cannot to resist the urge to armchair-quarterback your work. You will also make many enemies among the citizenry. For instance, when you determine that Daddy killed himself, and he wasn't poisoned by that blond bimbo who was only interested in his money, you are going to have some very angry children buzzing around you.
    • The mind of a detective. You will have to constantly be on guard against being fooled by malefactors smarter and more focused than you. You will have to have some insight into the heart and mind of a criminal.

    Stripper then? :)

    Wanted to be a "Stripper. my Physical appearance was a let down. My an--"Oh "Bottom was mishap one "cheek was bigger than the other. Top half the "breast the same.!!I looked at my "wife hoping for "Sympathy and asked "What did you see in me? She looked tears in her "eyes Then "Burst out Laughing.

    There, there Dows...have a cuddle. lol :)

    I'd actually pick one..............


    No S**t, Julie. Me, too.

    My dad never said a word about my education. My mom just wanted me to get a BA...she didn't care in what field....just GET IT. :(

    My folks would have paid for anything. I was just too bi-polar to choose. Didn't finish nursing, got my associates in electronics but I think I faked my way through that, too old to choose now....

    I get down, as you well know, but I believe I still have potential to succeed.

    Never give up ladies! As long as you can breathe there is hope!

    I'm breathing, I'm breathing..........

    I am woman, hear me roar
    As I throw you to the floor
    (my bro-in-law thought those were the words)

    Interesting, I need to choose one- that is very flexible do to my medical probs.  any suggestions???


    I guess that rules "stripper" out

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I'll leave that occupation to the 20somethings- and braver adults my age!!!! Sill laughing! Yikes!!!! Too Funny!

    Maybe pole dancing then ( always something to hold on to )after all, you are a redhead "feisty".

    I'm laughing so hard I'm tearing up!!!!! Moi, feisty???

    "PROBE? How are you at Probing "Haemorrhoids.DOC. DOO. OR DOC DON'T ?

    I always wanted to work in real-estate, but sadly it was not meant to be.

    Interpreter. I always loved different langouages. I actually went to school for one year to learn different languages. My parents decided that that was not a good idea and I  stopped going to school. I think it was, because they felt that I would be traveling , or be in a different country.and they would see very little of me. Its too late now. I am retired


    Its.Never to late ANN.Lets start a simple language. Scottish sayings convert to English.
    Gonnae nodae that >don't do that
    pure dead brilliant>exceptionally good
    hell slap it intae ye>its your own Fault
    Haud yer wheesht>be quiet.
    Now that was easy ANN.

    Dowsa, thats an interesting language. I would have loved to learn your language. A little too late.

    That would have been a very interesting life, I'm sure.

    "OH to be a Psychiatrist ? But ended up being the Patient  !! 


    Ha ha ha. Good one! :)

    Not sure where the probe or the hemmorids came from..LOL but No. and No.

    "OH Sorry.DOO. You meant Problems I thought it was Probe.You see "Psycho`s like to probe my mind !!



    Where would you want to explore?

    See, stomach for the gory bits! lol :)

    "ANUS. Think I have Ring "worms ?

    Geez...does Dows always have to capitalize that word? lol

    Um...strictly seasonal it would have to be, ValR...too chilly in Canada in the winter. ;)

    I would like to say something to help and assist those less fortunate. Though as a person who has had financial difficulties. Common Scence tells me to identify a career that pays very highly. I would leave the help others as side line.

    Brain surgery

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