how to stop a dog attacking chickens?

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    A "simple" way to solve the problem, if you don't want your dogs near the chickens , but want your dog to be able to roam, is to put an invisble fence around the chicken area and an invisible fence collar on the dog... unfortunately I haven't figured out a way to put and invisible fence-like collar ON THE CHICKENS to keep the dog away form them! (LOL)

    Kung Foo chickens would solve this problem.Feed 'em up on steroids & teach 'em to fight back.


    LMAO! :)

    Tommyh. my wife feeds me "Steroids only to make me wash the dishes faster.

    Keep them in a pen and him out of it.

    From a dog's point-of-view:   Why put food in my yard and tell me not to eat?  I must eat.  Chicken is food.   Good food.  Master eats it.  I must eat chicken.  They're right there.  I see them!  Yum!  I catch them!  They are slow.  I am fast!  Must catch yummy chicken.  Master say no.  I am confused! 


    My neighbor miniature poodle got into her chicken pen and killed a chicken. Otherwise, they both roamed the yard together....

    I do understand your dog’s point of view.

    Walk the bloody dog on a lead, if you are a responsible dog owner you will know what this means, most of these answers are what you should deserve for your pet, get a grip, you are the one that is ultimately responsible for the dead chickens.

    The reality of it is, when dogs have a fascination for something live that they can see on the other side of a fence, it is practically impossible to keep them from getting in if it's a good-sized dog. You might have to chain the dog, and keep the chickens in a pen.

    Otherwise, the only alternative is to get rid of the dog, or chickens. Many people won't tolerate a dog killing livestock of any kind, as that is just something that is usually too deeply ingrained in the dog's instincts, and they just keep doing it.

    go on utube and put in how to stop dogs attacking chickens its by ceser malan

    "Employ Geese as "Guard Dogs" Or get the dogs to like "DUCK" .Still around "DUCKA" great Mod. 

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