What was the best year of your life so far and why?

    I'd have to say 1979. My first  year of college, freedom, fraternity parties, lots of fun, and all of the beautiful girls!  I've had good years since, but that was the most memorable.

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    1986 was a good year. I looked good and felt good, had a job I enjoyed, was bowling with good friends, and shortstop on a softball team (or was that 85).  I had the best little dachshund  (Ernie). My "boyfriend" and I lived together and became expectant parents by choice.   We moved to Fresno to be close to someone's family (CA or NY were the choices), got married and spent ten weeks traveling the US and parts of Canada.  We returned on my mom's birthday and had our son a week later (two months premature).  It was touch and go with him for 2 weeks, but on Christmas morning, the doctor tried a renegade procedure that stimulated my son's lungs to function properly. 

    I'm hard pressed to answer this one. The year my son was born, maybe. But I've had many good pieces of a year....

    In all sincerity, too many great ones, including this.  I often feel blessed to make it , through good times and bad.

    THE DAY . I got "Married and the "Birth of my SON.

    1978 - the year in which my dream to be out of the Romanian Animal Farm came true.

    difficult to choose, but I would say the day my children were born


    I'm not sure I understand... Were they all born on the same day? Do you have twins or triplets?

    no, 2 separate but I couldn't choose just one

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