Aside from your parents, who was the greatest positive influence on you as a child or teenager and why?

    It could be a teacher, relative, best friend, first boss, adult friend-of-the-family, preacher, etc. 

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    Aunt Grace and Uncle Ken
    My mother's youngest sister and her husband (both deceased) raised four great sons.  They both worked hard at their jobs and took good care of their home and kids.  They just had this innate ability to care.
    Mom, Andy (my eldest) & I visited them in NY when Andy was 4-5. After several days, I was at my wit's end being nonstop with Andy. Somehow, Aunt Grace just knew and distracted him with something (not just TV or a toy....she took interest in him herself) and told me to take a break.
    I loved them both dearly. If they had problems in their marriage, I'm at a loss as to what they were.  

    My Paw!!

    MY DREAMS .I wanted to be like them Roy Rogers gene autry hopa-long cassidy 

    That would be my husband at the time and his parents.  Yes, I married young.........

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