why do preteen are so obesity

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    My first two children were not obese as pre-teens and my youngest isn't there yet. 

    My two eldest were active in sports, ate well balanced meals and I limited the junk food.  Fast food restaurants were kept to a minimum.... My son is being raised without fast food (we grow and learn).

    Pre-teen obesity is caused by life style.  As parents we are responsible for our children's lifestyle and their diet.  The problem lies with the parents.

    I think sugars and salt are at the bottom of this...and milk products and deep-fat fryer fat soaked into all those french fries! Fast-foods and convenience "foods" also cause obesity as well as an inactive lifestyle.Sitting dormant for hours on end is bad for the body...I'm going jogging now...see ya!!!   :D

    They eat too much food (the portion on plate). Parents need to be responsible, no junk food, soft drinks, fruit juices (eat fresh fruit), chocolates, lollies etc.

    You deserve a break today at McDonald's.

    "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, - all on a sesame seed bun."

    Does that answer your question?  I am going to Costco now.  Need to buy in bulk.

    They cannot go outside to run and jump and play all day. They have to stay indoors to be safe and sound.

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