how can i lose 100 pounds in 100 days

    i need to lose 100pounds of fat in 100 days how


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    That would be extremely unhealthy.  The first place to start if you need to loose that amount of weight is your Doctor's office.  Exercise is extremely important with weight loss... and please think of this as a life style choice not a diet.   Diets have a tendency not to work as people fall into old habits very quickly.

    Good luck and all the best.  Please loose weight with your over all health in mind.

    Amputation comes to mind....................


    Head or butt-- Which ever weighs most.

    That is not a safe, realistic goal.  About 2-3 pounds a week is suggested.  Diet (portion control, watching what you eat and when) and lots of exercise will do it. Drink lots of water.  Set monthly goals, like 12 pounds a month.  In nine months, you will be there. 

    Gastric bypass surgery is an option if you have health issues.

    your goal is not reasonable; discuss it with your doctor

    That is too much weight to loose in 3+ months! Talk to a medical person! Good luck!

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