Why is most Christian rock music intolerable?

    There is a serious lack of quality Christian rock bands and I am just curious why. If you don't have any taste please go to the next question.

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    To whom.....?

    i like the more traditional hymns. some older stuff is still good to my ears, right along with some of the secular music. not rap

    So, if I disagree then I have no taste and should move on to the next Q?????  What if I agree and it turns out both you and I are the ones who lack taste??????????  Perhaps I will move on because there is no "winning" an argument over personal taste.  Bye Bye.


    Well put, Little Doo. :)

    I don't know what you mean mon!!!!""

    Didn't know there was such a kind.

    Because of the subject matter...  Think about it:

    If Mick could get satisfaction would that song be as well received?

    If Jeremy wasn't wicked Eddie wouldn't have bothered singing about him.

    If Anthony hadn't have done so many hard drugs there would be no need to sing about being under a bridge.

    A lot of my favorite bands have subject matter in their music that isn't something a Christian band would be singing about.  God and Jesus aren't that edgy ... peaceful yes.... edgy no.


    All music is good or bad based upon what the listener likes.  Many people would dissagree with you, others might think you are right on.  If you are going to criticize something, be specific.  Here is a list of the Best Christian Rock Bands:

    Skillet, Red, Hillsong United, Relient K, Casting Crowns, Kutless, Underoath, Stryper, Thousand Foot Krutch and Hawk Nelson.  Have you heard any of them?  Which of these bands do you like? 



    Russ, Counting Crows

    Personally I prefer traditional church music, but each to there own, what ever floats you boat, man.


    whatever gets you through the night...........John Lennon.

    That's it,exactly mcm.

    I found it quite odd to be stoned and looking for rock only to find Christian rock which is an oxymoron to the Stones. 


    yer too high man...LOL! ;D

    Intolerable to whom,,one mans music is another mans crap..>>>>>>><<<<<<<

    maybe something christian they dony like it this music


    Christian Music is good.

    Christian rock  is like Sour Patch Kids Candy. In the beginning ((side note" Genesis")) we're all like OWW OWW OWW... Then after a while it's kinda sweet. If you can bang your head to it then whos really listening to the lyrics anyways???

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