Does anyone like to talk to Jehovah's Witnesses at the doorstep?

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     LOL .   I shut my curtains, lock my door, and hide  behind the sofa.


    I used to do that!LOL!:D
    country bumpkin

    That's so darn funny!

    "ME .I just sent my Mother-in-law to the door ."One look at her they would "Mumble Jumble Something "So sorry to disturb you .She would put down her "Broomstick And say "Welcome ""

    My 93 year old mom just fell off the couch laughing. I'm right behind her. Hysterical.
    country bumpkin

    I'm glad you guys got such a laugh out of this. God Bless your 93 year old mom. Bob.

    Sorry no I dont!


    I am the same MEl. dont like Bible Pushers.Nice to hear from you.always your friend .

    Dowsa hi glad you agree xxx

    Yes, I take great pleasure in watching them squirm with embarrassment when I ask them whether they would willingly let their offspring die instead of allowing a medical life-saving blood transfusion.

    Meeting adjourned. Thank you for shopping at Digger's. Have a nice day !


    WEll said Vinny

    Vinny? No,he's that OTHER Italian.

    I am never rude to anyone, I politely tell them I don't believe in peddling religion and to enjoy their day


    I used to find, when I was nice to them, could not get rid of them.At that time, I lived in apartment in UK,In end, when I did not answer my door bell,my neighbour would,I could hear her voice two flights stairs up,and she was not talking religion. They soon gave up calling. lol.

    They do come to my door and I have invited them in in the past and listen to them. They are very polite and never pushy.  



    Never pushy? Have you ever said no to them?
    ed shank

    Ann, I had them here this past week. Two nice young ladies and I explained that I am not interested in any conversation that is of a religious nature. We had an question and answer session in regards to my hobby, no religion, and they left, with an invitation to return.

    I know one of the ladies personally who lives in my town and I invited them in for coffee.I did not say no, because I wanted to find out how they felt about other religions.This is how I am. I am always interested what other religions are all about..

    No I do not-- I do give much credit to them though, they probably get more doors slammed in their face than a  Kerby Vacuum cleaner salesman from the 1940's.  I don't like it though, I also have political soliciting, save the whales contributions knocking. I don't really like anyone selling something at my door, including Jesus.


    Hear Hear Vinny.

    Hear what?? I don't hear anything.. (?)

    Love it! I am always interested in the variety of ways in which belief systems form especially the contemporary !

    I will and I do. I have a lot of respect for that religion though I would never join...........

    I get a lot as I am a doomed soul.  I also get a lot of Mormons for the same reason.  I listen.  I take the literature and then they leave promising to come back as I am a doomed soul.

    I don't feel doomed.

    I can say they do keep their promises.  They always come back.

    They are very neat and tidy and I am usually covered in clay or paint.  I think that is why they think I am a doomed soul.  They look at my son and shake their heads.  He must be doomed as well (although he is always neat and tidy except for when he is playing in mud) ... and none of them particularly seem to like dogs. 


    You are so far from being a lost soul. Don't talk like that!!!!

    Ha Ha Ha! I had a power drill in my hands as I was in the middle of something really great ... The poor woman last week... She gingerly handed me her pamphlet and fled. It was a darned good thing I wasn't holding a blow torch!
    I can't possibly be that frightening. I am an artist!
    It cracks me up every time.

    "Power drill."Blow"Torch. Indeed ,poor hubby coming home "You standing at the door with them "Tools "UH "What did I do he "Cries "Dont you love me anymore.

    I know Dowsa... it is a wonder he comes home at all! :D

    I always offer a Beer  first Then we can set down on the porch and talk....I don't get to many takers


    I grew up in the church and I'm familiar with God's word. I'm not a Jehovah Witness, but I do study with a Jehovah Witness every Thursday. Studying with her is very interesting. I can asked a question and she can go straight to the scripture to explain it. I may not always agree with the interpretation, but that's find. She is not pushy or trying to convert me. When she knocked on my door I told her I didn't have time to talk. It was a very bad period in my life. She told me never let life, no matter how good or bad it is, turned you away from God.  


    She is after one thing only and that is to convert you. By the sound of it, you're almost there. I had a woman, who was very nice, come for years. I used to invite her in for coffee or tea. When she failed to convert me, she never came anymore. They get points for converting someone.

    How long does it take to convert someone? It's been two years and I have no intentions on converting. She knows that! Besides, does it hurt to hear other people's faith?

    I don't mind debating with them but they don't usually stay long,


    not sure why.........


    Film Stars "Teeth!!
    Headless Man

    But she not acting

    Had one at my door yesterday. She was very friendly and polite. The moment I told her I really wasn't interested in what she wanted to talk about, she smiled, said she hoped I had a very nice day, petted my dog and left. Their religion requires them to go door-to-door, but I have never found one to be pushy.

    ed shank

    Me Neither.

    No, I'd rather not, but there is no need to be rude about it.  

    After I put a picture of a pentagram on my front door they never stopped again!

    I used to live in a neighborhood where Jehovah Witness peeps stopped by, Mormon's stopped by, and some other religious grp. stopped by...I'd let them in, tell them I had a dif., faith and listen to their speel once.  Then I told them they could certainly stop by again for a cool drink but I didn't want to talk religion.  Both groups of people were respectful and grateful to get out of the extreme heat and humidity and chill for a bit!  Nice people...and interesting...and once I laid the ground rules they stuck to them (for the most part).  The third grp never stopped by after the first encounter.  Hey, a gass of ice water or lemonade was easy...and we became pals- until I moved.

    Dont like care for "Bible pushers . They dont believe in life saving !! "What kind of "Race is that "ALIEN ?

    I don't open the door anyway, so they can knock until kingdom come.

    My husband opens the door and talks to them about religion. He talks that long about all kinds of religions, they end up looking at their watches and leave.

    When my kids were little I had dishes stacked up and no dishwasher. Everything was a mess. They came to my door all dressed up - high heels and high hair. They wanted my attention. I invited them in and said if you'll do my dishes and fold these mountains of laundry, I'll have time to sit and talk to you. They left. 



    What?! I can't believe they didn't help you. I would have.

    The ONLY time my door got knocked on, my boyfriend was very happy to see them. He told them he would be happy to listen to THEIR theories if they would first let him explain his theory about space aliens (it was mid-70s). They backed away and then ran.

    Yes I do!!! I use too avoid them but now that i know GODS word, Its refreshing!!!


    When they knock on my door they usually have little kids and babies in prams with them, i find they can be obtrusive as they ask can they come in, i politely tell them, no sorry, i have my own religion.

    I don't mind them too much except they look really funny in white shirt and black tie in Hawaii.

    At my old house i used to regularly be visited by a couple ofJehovahs Witnesses,theyd come in for a drink and a chat but never tried to sell me religion,went on for years this did.I have a lot of respect for them actually as it must take a lot of nerve to knock on strangers doorsteps .Plus where i used to live was not a nice area

    I had a johovahs witness and a unitarian bang on my door once, apparently they go around banging on doors for no real reason..


    A Unitarian?? I didn't think they did that kind of thing.

    I’m embarassed. You were joking. : )


    I show them the 666 on my head and they say they are sorry and go.

    One thing you can say in favour of Muslims is that they don't knock at your door or accost you in shopping malls.

    It is very clearly stated before you reach my doorstep what my religion is and the Witnesses seem to give my home a wide berth. Thank you!

    I  enjoy their visits and invite them in for a chat. I don’t tell them what I’m doing but I play a game with them…my God is better than your God. Their interpertation may be true but there are five or six differing views of the same inference…and I do not allow them to do more than one or two Bible quotes since I prefer we speak from the heart rather than the book. That has had quite a pleasant effect on all they have to say. Too often Bibliophiles tend to be initially defensive and apprehensive about their beliefs leading off with some scripture reading anticipating some sort of rejection or scurrilous remark to eject them from the front porch.     

    They are about as appreciated as a foot of snow in the driveway first thing in the morning...both can be a nuisance!

    Because I respect them I politely ask them not to waste their time with me and my time.

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