Pythonlover's little Chihuahua is not doing well at all. Can we get some good vibes going to make his fight easier?

    Sad update. Python's little one did not make it. He's crossed over rainbow bridge. 

    I'm sorry for your loss Python. I know the pain you're in and no words will take it away. Your little guy was loved and he took that love with him.  He will have that as his peace until he sees you again. 


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    Thanks everyone, unfortunately my little dog didn't make it.He was diagnosed with heart failure on thursday and was to spend the rest of his days on medication, obviously the medication was not enough to keep him alive.REST IN PEACE Bambi 2001-2012.

    Thank you for keeping us up to speed Colleen.
    The loss is felt and shared.

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    Sending positive vibes from British Columbia.

    ... and Lots of Love, Pythonlover.

    xo Fishie

    My thoughts and prayers are with pythonlovers little dog. I hope and pray that a miracle happens and that he will come trough this ordeal. And for pythonlover, hold on my friend, I know what you are going through. Sending love and light your way.

    The recent death of a friend's 13 1/2-year-old German Shepherd, again reminded me of January the 5th, 1998 (the worst day of my life to date). I was forced to make the hardest decision I have ever been faced with, that was to put my best friend (Nickie) to sleep. This was something I had put off for months.

    Going through the process to make this decision for an old or sick dog is a long and painful experience.

    Mine went something like this:Boy he's not looking too good today. The steroids really made him act like he did 3 or 4 months ago; this is great! He is not able to hold his bladder (because of the steroids). This is hard for him. He knows he shouldn't be having accidents in the house. It embarrasses him. He is so proud. The heck with the Steroids. They are fixing one problem but causing him too many other problems. It's not worth it (for him.) Now he can't walk up stairs again.God he's getting worse again. I know I am going to have to make the decision. I can't even think about it! I don't mind picking him up and carrying him down the steps to the front yard so he can relieve himself. I have to steady him. His old legs are a little wobbly. "How do I know what day is going to be THE DAY"? Look at the way he looks at me. Do I wake up one morning and decide, "today is the day I am going to be a cold hearted S.O.B. and call the vet"? No. I don't mind carrying him outside. It's not so hard and I really don't mind cleaning up after him in the house, it's not like he meant to do it. God, he fell down the steps again. That really hurt him. He still has the heart but the body is gone. Am I keeping him alive for myself or for him? Shit, he can't even get up this morning. He was forced to lie in a pool of urine all night because he couldn't move. Today is the day. Thank God my vet will come to the house. The vet is here and I don't have the guts to watch this. I give him one last hug. I have to leave the house crying like a baby. Thank God for my ex-wife. She held him until the end. Every now and then when things slow down I find myself thinking of our times together. It almost always brings a lump to my throat and quite often a tear to my eye.We sure had some good times. It's been 11 months and 6 days. As I wrote this I started to cry again. I can't help it. Who cares? Not me!! I still miss him and think about him every day when I look at his pictures in my bedroom.

    The answer to the question of “When is the right day?” Should always be when you ask “Am I keeping him alive for me and not for him?”

    country bumpkin

    I hope what is written above will help you to let go of your precious friend if it's that time to do so. I have an 11 year old dog and I dread the day I know is coming. My thoughts are with you today Python and your cherished pet.

    Its been 31/2 month since I had to put Chester to sleep and I miss him every day.It is very hard for me to even write about, what a beautiful, loving friend he has been. I inderstand your grief and it is so hard to let go.
    country bumpkin

    Ann, I found this on the internet, I don't know who wrote it but I understand as you do how painful it is to put a beloved companion to sleep. I hope your pain will lesson over time.



    so true.

    I'm so sorry PL, I know how you must feel, remember him in all the good ways as I know you will.

    He's crossed over the rainbow bridge as Colleen said, you're little man lives on elsewhere now.


    All my thoughts are with him, I hope they make it as peaceful as possible for him.

    Sorry I missed this Ms C.

    country bumpkin

    Good evening!
    country bumpkin

    Roxy and Tanni will always be grateful to you for loving them as you did.

    Python, my heart breaks for you. I am so very sorry for your loss. I hope you will find the strengh you need to get through this most difficult time.May God hold you and your little friend in comfort. My love is with you.

    May God's will be done and done so peaceably.....


    On second thought, that was an extremely negative answer. I wish the best for you and your dog, @pythonlover.............

    Hey little guy, hope you hang in there and recover quickly.

    Python....just saw this post now.  I'm sorry that you've lost your little's an awfully sad time, I know.        :(

    Oh my gosh Pythonlover.  I am so sorry for your loss.  One of the most difficult things about being a pet owner and lover is that they usually don't out live you.  Our pets do know and understand how much we love them. 

    They carry this love and they love us back in return.

    This truly is a sad day.

    Lots of Love, Fishie xo

    May the little dog be blessed! I too just saw this due to working!  My thoughts and prayers are with the doggie and his mommy!


    So sorry Pythonlover I know you will miss your little guy! xxoo

    Sorry  to hear this sad news, God bless, Pythonlover.

    Add my thoughts to the list, Colleen.

    PL is going through an awful time right now and we are here for her and her Chihuahua.

    Only just saw this now.

    my thoughts are with you now, your little dog is in peace

    My thougts are  with them.

    Sorry about your little dog, Pythonlover.

    PL-  My heart is with you!!!!!  I am so sorry they couldn't fix Bambi!!!  All Dogs go to Heaven...He will greet you with little wings flapping and many kisses when it is your time!!!  I know your pain...How very sad for you :(

    I am so, so very sorry to hear the news,PL and it will take time for the hurt to lessen a little but you will have all the fond memories of 11 wonderful years with Bambi.



    country bumpkin

    I was getting there, it just took me awhile.

    Colleen, Very sad news on a beautiful sunday. Do you know the Chihuahuas name?

    I do but it's slipped my mind right now and for that, I feel bad. I will get his name the next time I speak to her.

    Sorry CB, I wasn't trying to be impatient, it's just that this had been posted for 30 minutes, had 7 views and no comments. I just figured if I bumped it to the answered side, more would see it because I think people forget to check the unanswered side.


    PL.,This is so sad and I am  very sorry that Bambi is gone.Bambi went over the Rainbow Bridge, like my mini dachshund Chester 31/2 month ago. They will play together and be happy and waiting for us.there. This I believe.


    I get a lump in my throat every time I come to read the messages to PL here, Ann.

    Me too, with many tears.

    Thank You Ann...they'll be in the grandest company with my old boy SteelyDan Dog...gone and sorely missed.I believe they wait for us there...

    I am sad to hear that your doggie didn't make it. Here is a virtual shoulder to cry on. I think that your litle one  is now playing with  my big black  ( rotriewer+ =rotweilerXretriever mix) one who liked play with smaller and younger dogs. On rainbow bridge I have also a 40+ rat pack, some cats,birds, mice, hamsters and bunnies waiitting me. TRY TO REMEMBER THOSE MOMENTS YOU SHARED WITH YOUR LOVED ONE, NOT THOSE YOU CAN'T SHARE WITH HIM ANYMORE.

    My heart goes out to you Python the loss of your wee dog Bambi, the heart break we all go through with our pets in our lifetime but it is all worth it through their unconditional love,

    These blows to the heart, Dont allow for breathing, I ran to the bottle until i could again.

    Sad for your loss PL. Always late to get the comp.

    Your little Chihuaha will have a friend of mine I lost a few years ago, and someone to be friends with.

    Her name was Martha, a little white Maltese Terrier. I do know how it can feel. Kisses and hugs.

    Only just seen your post PL.Im so terribly sorry,my love,thoughts and condolences are with you x

    ""Pythonlover I have only just seen this thread I am so sorry for your Loss I know Bambi is with my Henry and they are haveing fun god bless to you both xxx

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