What is the future of transporation in America?

    Some would say high speed rail (as in Europe), more commuter planes, "flying cars," etc.  

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    Personal flight suits, flying cars, teleportation, mind walking, better bicycles, flying sofas…..of course.


    Flying sofas, huh? Interesting. Why not just flying beds so you can sleep as you fly?

    Flying sofas…as in “Wall-E” Pixar movie. After having viewed thousands of movies I find it interesting to pull answers from them as part of my vocabulary in comparative responses. I’m sure thats hard to follow if you haven’t seen the same movie. I liked it and if you see it I think you’ll like it too.

    Actually, Robert, I did see it and liked it. I remember the flying bed scene. Wasn't there one in Peter Pan or Mary Poppins too?

    A magic carpet, thanks to the the sand fleas.



    Roger Wilco would have liked this- LOL

    We are off to Fema Camp! Rah! Rah! Rah!

    For the average Joe.



    Good! Actually I saw an ad recently for a three-wheeled motorcycle that looked pretty cool (2 wheels in front). It was the Can-Am Spyder Roadster.

    I think they want us all to walk and ride a bike.  Today I parked my Dodge Magnum (HEMI) in a 'low emission parking only'  I parked right under the sign as wife went into the bank-- I really enjoy the people walking by giving me dirty looks.. LOL

    Horse and buggy to a fema camp.

    Beam me up, Scotty!

    The flying car is here!  Check out this video.

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