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    +11  Views: 2968 Answers: 14 Posted: 11 years ago
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    Thanks for the heads up, Colleen!

    Usually I am able to come up with words at any given time. However, I don't know what to say to you, Colleen except to say THANK YOU a million times.

    Read your blog/ bio, Chiangmai. You speak very good English for not having it as your original language.And congrats on acquiring your daughter and granddaughter.

    14 Answers

    Congratulations Chiangmai!  Have fun Grandpa!!!:)""


    I am very touched, lindilou. Shieh Shieh!

    A very happy occation and a beautiful gift. Congratulatons and you all.


    You are right....she's a beautiful gift, indeed. I do feel truly blessed. Thanks, Ann!

    Here's to your happy future....Congratulations Chiangmai!!!



    Thank you very much. I could get used to that couch, and the little one. The guy is actually quite good looking, and has a lot of hair too.
    Thanks, Ducky.

    You are an extremely eloquent man, Chiangmai.



    I love your choice of word "eloquent". If Colleen reads this, she'll definitely choke on her orange juice. Thanks very much. I will never take this baby for granted in order to earn the title bestowed upon me by you.

    Chiangmi,congratulations on your new baby granddaughter, what a wonderful time for you


    I have never felt this complete in my life. Yes, I will definitely cherish these moments. Thank you, LS.

    Happy Grandpa day.......


    Mucho Mahalo!

    Quite a story. I've always been envious of people who spoke two languages let along 4 (along with dialects learned). Chi must be a very smart man. I know I like his answers. Congratulations on the birth of a grandchild, even more to be envious of.......


    Julie, can you believe that, by helping other akaQA members here (since last April), I was able to help myself find my daughter? I consider myself a bit of an expert since I must have spent hundreds of hours reading up on Indiana State laws. This forum has helped me to decipher a lot of legal stuff....With regards to languages, I am probably more confused than people who speak one language but it's fun.....Thx for all your kind words, Julie.

    How do I start searching for my son? He was adopted around 10 years ago, he was 10 at the time. I have no idea what his name is now.....

    I'd start to compile all the information I could get my hands on. Do not think some information is irrelevant. If you son is over 21 today, he gets to make the decision as to whether or not he'd want to see you. What it boils down to also is the judge's decision to allow both parties to exchange identifying information. Reasons such as health issues can sway the judge's decision as well. How old is your son today?

    He'll be 22 in 2 months. Of age....

    Congrats a Grandpa love her to pieces and do what all grandpa's have the right and privilege to do spoil her :)


    I try not to spoil my grandkids, whovin because I don't want my daughters-in-law mad at me! ;)

    They are in Texas. I hope to go there soon, and spoil her to pieces. Thx, whovin.

    You're welcome I remeber when my nieces where born I loved and spoiled them a little



    Thanks again, Fishlet. It's going to be difficult to leave the U.S. now. We are planning to move to Thailand next year.

    Hi grandpa .Lucky you.Wonderful times a head.


    Thx, dowsa. Now that you know I am old, you can respect me more. :)

    Always have dear "Friend just Envy you!!

    Cool Beans!


    Very Cool Beans,Cool Beans!!!:D

    It sure feels wonderful! Thank you very much.

    What a heartwarming story, Chiangmai!  I'm so happy for all of your family!


    Thanks, clu. It's very interesting that akaQA has enabled to learn some internet craft to pursue some badly needed information for me to piece everything together.

    Thank you for all the wonderful wishes and kind words from so many of you.  I am very touched!

    ..............and now here she is, our brand new granddaughter.....


    Again thank you very much.  If you read the history of this child's mother, you'll know just how fortunate I am to even be a part of this. 




    Welcome to the world beautiful baby girl! Oh she is so amazing Chiangmai!Sending much love to you all!!!xoxoxoxox

    Well how cute is she? I can just smell the sweetness of her...aaaaawwwwww....XO

    Thx, lindi and Ducky. This picture was taken when she was almost a week old. She'll be two weeks old this Friday.

    Cute as a Button:)

    She's Beautiful Chiangmai, I know you're a very proud Grampa.

    Shes a little beauty, Congratulations.

    Thank you Romos and sunnyB!

    she is darling! enjoy while you can grandpa, they do grow fast.

    She is gorgeous, Grandpa! :)

    Thank you, carmaxable and Dardaigh!

    Read your blog, Chiangmai, i found it extemely interesting reading -- Congratulations 'POP'., and we have a very talented fish, loved the pottery, beautiful work.


    Thanks, bulletman, for your generous comments. I am so delighted to have a chance to be a grandpa to this baby. It has renewed my faith again, in a big way.

    With regards to our "fish", there are places in Chiangmai, Thailand that produce pottery, ceramic, and celadon pieces and I know she would just go nuts if she goes over there. I would love nothing more than to show her that part of Thailand. I am a collector of celadon.

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