what is your favorite tv show

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    I am an Amazing Race fan.  Can't help it... I love it.  It's like going on a vacation without ever leaving my seat except to make a cup of tea.


    Hi Fishie!Check the link under Dardaighs' answer for some examples of "An Idiot Abroad"...I think you'll love it alot!!

    An Idiot Abroad......Karl cracks me up!!!


    I'll have to look this one up,Lindilou. I've never heard of it.

    It is one of Ricky Gervais' creations starring Karl from the "Ricky Gervais Show" and he is sent to destinations all over the place and surprised with some of the craziest,coolest "trips" that Ricky sets up for him...priceless stuff!

    Sounds hilrious but we don't get it in my area. :(

    I am going to look for that one as well. :)

    Downton Abbey.
    Then of course there is Coronation Street which has been on tv for a long, long time.
    The Big Bamg Theory is quite hilarious.
    Lastly is Heart Beat and Doc Martin.
    I realize that four of my five choices come from across the pond.


    I meant to comment here in the first place!Silly me!!OK try this page and see if you can link to one or more of these on your computer!!>>>

    Two great comedies..................Barney Miller and Happy Days.  Both funny and good clean fun.

    Today NCIS and House, but my favorite all time show was the Original "Tonight Show" with Steve Allen and later with Johnny Carson.   Leno sucks in comparison!



    The Nanny,Bones used to watch CSI Las Vegas must of taken it off the air can't find listing.

    I spend most of my time watching Fox News........

    Two-and-a-Half Men, Two Broke Girls and, of course,  the Walking Dead (Colleen, you'd love this show! :)).

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