What will happen on 12/21/2012?

    Will the world end?  Is the Mayan calendar prophetic?

    I'll be Christmas shopping because I like to wait until the last minute!  (And I'll be looking out for the new Mayan calendar, because I'm sure someone will put one out by then.)  Also, batteries.  Lots and lots of batteries, just in case.  :)

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    I will go Christmas shopping. Certainly it will only be me and a few clerks in the stores!

    For all of those who will die on this day the world will end exactly as Mayan calendar prophesied.
    More interesting is that the realy old communists and many neocommunists still in love with Stalin will be celebrating this monster 133th birthday on this day.

    Good news! Archaologists have discovered a new Mayan calendar that continues for centuries. The end of days is delayed yet again. :)

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    When that final day rolls 'round

    Please don't sit and cry

    Take a glass and drink it down

    Then smile and wave...



    Who decides which answer get the green " Best Answer " ? and why do they give that award after only one or two answers ?

    The person who asked the question in the first place gets to decide, mycatsmom. I'm not sure how many answers have to appear before that option appears. Many people never use it.

    OOhh thanks ..I didn`t know that either!!...I thought it was The Moderators (Colleen..Pythanlover...)...

    Dear dear russrocks....I'm sure that you think your question is an original.  Well here comes a newsflash......russrocks...russrocks...russrocks....

    This question is posted almost weekly.  It is in the category of the following:

    Hi...How r u....What's yur name....Where r u...How old r u...Book...Car....Atlanta...and last but not least....Do you believe in God?

    yawn  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz    yawn

    BTW...when you find out, what do you plan to do about it?


    Ms Ducky, you forgot this question:

    Will I have a boy friend by next week?

    Thanks Ducky. I'm new here and learning. No one knows the answer. I'm going to do what Tommyh suggests above.

    Good and wise advice from Tommyh!! (thanks Tommy xo)

    they also ask. " When will I get married " and " Will I have a boy or a girl? " - - -to which most of us say " Yes "

    Ducky: Interesting... If this question is so played out, why does it generate so many comments! Because it's an important issue... and a fun one from the looks of it!

    Russ...wait until you've been here for a while and see the mileage that we sometimes get out of, oh for example, "raindrops". Why, we'll just go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on!!! (Like that) Not important at all...just many comedic minds hanging out here waiting for a GOOD question to appear. :)

    My family and I will celebrate our son's 23rd birthday and then go to bed, wondering if the expensive steak was cooked enough.


    Thanks did I ever forget that one! :)

    Oh Lord, please don't let the headless man see this question!


    Accept the free gift before it's too late!!!! Ohhh the doom and gloom!!!!
    : )

    Oh no for your life!!!!!!!!

    I,m sure randy has a completely valid answer to this.As valid as the Mayan theory anyhow.

    It's always light in Scotland,run then swim, then swim some more, then swim some more, then if you make it to shore we'll be fine, I think!!
    F*****g Mayans!
    Headless Man

    I'm sure I've missed a lot of good questions on here as I'm not on here as much, but no doom and gloom from me only hope for all, thanks for your

    Nothing.It will be a day like any other day. This question has been asked many times before on this site.

    When you wake up on 12/21/2012 sit on the edge of your bed,put your head between your knees & kiss your a$$ goodbye.(Just in case).


    My plan exactly!

    Umb, now they call them preppers. I prefer to call them survivalists.

    It's the first day of winter as well in the northern hemisphere..

    We get ready for 12/22/2012. 

    In my opinion, no, the calendar is not prophetic.  Mankind is silly to give such power to fantasies like this.  Then again, this is also what has made it so easy for the darkness to over shadow the light in our existence. People who believe the darkness will win. Only darkness can destroy, never light. I trust God and I trust that He is love and light and can not destroy. I'll follow the light and never the myths of the darkness. 

    The ads in the newspaper will far outweigh the news.  

    Chop wood...carry water..""


    I tried to access your answers and was not able to do so. Please try and let me know if you can.

    Fearless prediction. Three more shopping days for the procrastinators. Yours truly included.


    Funny! :)


    There's never any ending, only a new beginning, that could be anytime now!

    SOUNDS like a great excuse to have a lockin at the local pub/bar on the evening before.,just in case, that way we (or) l go out with a smile and a drink



    I will be there!!

    First rounds on me lol

    8 inches of snow and another  day closer to SANTA, YAY!!!


             ......more???     zzzzzzz

    I will bet my house on it, that what you are thinking is going to happen, will not happen.


    You'd lose your house then, because I don't think anything is going to happen. I was just curious what others think.

    Yet you just told me that you believe in the rapture Russ. Which is it? To believe in the rapture means you believe it will happen. Don't start flip flopping on us now. We already have one of those.

    Nothing will happen. Why should we give such creedence to the Mayan calender ?  The world won't end untill our Lord decides it will end.


    The person that chooses the "best answer" is the author that asked the question, he/she decides what answer was the best given.

    most of us will wake up in the morning and go to bed in the evening

    My guess is the same as 21/12/2012!!

    I'm going take up fislet's invitation and party. Bringing dancing shoes and boogie oogie boogie till I can't boogie oogie no more.

    Think end of world is almost  here, it has become so dark, must find the cats.

    I'll be here, don't believe in doomsday mayhem reports. 

    Accept the free gift before it's to late! The end is near! I can feel it!


    Nothing is free.

    Jesus's love is free!

    Are you sure? What fun things did you have to give up in order to have it?

    i would give up my life for my lord and savior just as he gave his life for mine!

    :) Quaint.

    Please! A karma just ran over this dogma!Just keepin' it real man...just keepin' it real!:)

    well my friend you dont haave too worry because nothing is going to happen the chances of something happening are one in a million there isnt any sustancials prbabilities that will end the homo sapiens race completely mabe something catastrophic can happen but that dosent mean thats the end of the world, thats just saying that the human race can be destroyed by natural problems. The other factor is a nuclear war and that could be devastating to man kind but that dosent mean thats the end of the world either. so my friend live long and prosper. 


    \\ //, Live long and prosper :)

    nanu nanu!

    Only GOD knows the answer to that but if your worried:

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    Amazingly, there is a cultural/
    prophetic context for the arising
    of this Feminine-based planetary
    transformation that is underway.
    The Mayan 2012 prophecies
    foretold of this shift of planetary
    stewardship into the hands of
    the Feminine. In a personal
    communication with this author,
    Nicaraguan Mayan Grandmother
    Flordemayo, of the International
    Council of 13 Indigenous
    Grandmothers, explained that
    the final glyph (pictogram) from
    the “Mayan Story of Creation”
    (the Dresden Codex) shows the
    Reawakening of the Feminine


    Have you seen how feminine men have gotten? This could actually be playing out but not in the way the one might have expected.

    Colleen I am having an epiphany!!!Melandruper Thanks for the reminder!!!Peace!

    Colleen yea I know what you mean
    but I was taking back when I found this on the web brilliant ;-)

    If your happy and you know it ,clap your la la la .

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