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    I saw this on the news. . He must of had a peaceful/beautiful soul  to paint such wonderful works of art.

    54 is too young to die, with his talent, no age is good...............

    The beauty of his paintings are reflections of the depth of his soul. A great talent that is unique only to him. A great loss for everyone who loved his art....too young to die..

    A sad loss at such a comparatively young age, a wonderful talent, but no doubt  his spirit will live on through his beautiful art

    It's very sad and a great loss to all who loved his painting!

    Magic paintings, a great loss for the Art World, and so young.

    At the risk of sounding ignorant,I've never heard of him.Tho if that is an example of his art you have shown us I'm sure I would have liked him.I love colour.


    Check it out. This will explain why he was called the painter of light

    Thanks Colleen.Will do.

    No, I had not heard of his passing. How very sad.

    His work always had an ethereal quality that was unsurpassed.

    I'm sure St. Peter met him at the Pearly Gates and asked for

    a nice 24" x 36"   for his office wall.



    That is too funny and then sad at exactly the same time.

    He was young.

    I know what you mean, Fishlet but sometimes we use humour when we're at a loss, to cover our sadness. Yes, he was young and so very talented but did leave behind a legacy of stunningly beautiful work. :)

    Never heard of him, but any loss is heartbreaking.

    The guy had amazing talents, I just  hope he made peace with the world he antagonized, he had a very dark side as well.  RIP.  I have seen his works up close and believe me they are incredible looking at the fine detail he was able to capture with a brush. And I am not an art connoisseur by no means.  

    Beautiful painting, God rest Thomas soul.

    His paintings had such depth and emotion. How sad to hear of his passing.

    I didn't hear, sounds sad

    Too bad for us; but he certainly knew to follow the light on his journey....

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