How lucky is this?

    I threw out last weeks lottery ticket in error before checking it!(my next question is "how stupid am i?").So i was a bit miffed to say the least!!.Did find an old one in the back of my purse so thought id check that one instead.Did that and i think(hope!!)ive won a tenner!

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    Congratulations, it always feels good to win something. Takes away from feeling bad about spending the money. I hope you win more often.............


    Thank you!!I wont actually see the winnings as such though.Any money i win gets earmarked and goes in a separate bank account for vet bills!!!!But must admit,i like Dardaighs idea!!!!

    Great idea for saving for the vet, I always wanted to start an account with "found money", you've encouraged me..........


    Now let's see.what can you get with a tenner? Not much these days.Still.It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick I s'pose.LOL. Good onya leosmami!


    Thanks for updating me on the tornado in Dallas/Ft. Worth. It was something but like I wrote, we only saw a little rain.........

    You're welcome Jools.

    Cool!!!  Glad you checked!


    Best part of it is i nearly threw this winning one out as well!It was only an afterthought that i checked it!!!!

    So, you're taking us all out for pizza, leosmami? ;)

    Jh,go for it!!I also put him(my dog) £1 a day away,i dont miss it and it does mount up.Before he was a year old he ran me up some pretty steep vet bills so dont think id get pet insurance anyway now.It works for me

    Good for you! I tried for mega millions last week. Of course got zilch! It is still fun speculating about a ton of money!

    Good for you, a tenner is better than nothing.

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