In hairdressing salons, hairwashing is often done in a backward position. Has anyone ever been to one where it was done forward?

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    Never...but years ago my hair was trimmed in a leaned forward's pretty long and at the time cost me 100 bucks so I"ve trimmed it myself like that ever since...they called it "rock 'n' roll" hair at the time!""




    Nice hair!

    Must have worked on the "Building site`s with "Fists like that !!

    ...only example of the right hair that I could find!!!....but had I fists like that...yikes they'd be hell to haul around!:D

    Never.... fear of drowning would have me shopping for a new hair salon.


    Fishy...a fish afraid of drowning??

    A land locked fish is afraid of drowning.

    you are "confusing "ME!! Land locked Indeed Hmm.

    I will try it...



    Wow Ed, your resemblance to Charlie Brown is uncanny! ;)

    ask for a "Perm Ed.

    I have not.  Leaning forward over a deep sink would be more difficult, for the reasons fishlet and dopey have suggested. Also, if you are too short or too tall to "fit" comfortable over the sink, it would be uncomfortable.  I think rinsing is more thorough, too. 

    My trouble is that ,i have that flyaway hair after it has been washed,and cannot seem to do anything with it, But i must admit i prefer it from the back,

    No any which way will do - but backwards makes sense - no soap in the eyes etc. Just love someone washing my hair. One of my pet hates.

    Only if you have long har!!!


    Never, its only done backward.But dont it make your neck ache.ha?phheewww  lol

    I have highlights, and when i had my hair washed the owner of the hairdressers dog, jumped up and put its two paws on my knees. Sweet isnt it.Emmaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I don't think I'd much care for all that soapy water running down my face, so backwards is fine with with me

    Those hair washing sinks are murder on a neck....but after all of the chemicals they use day in and day out- I wouldn't put my face in one!!!!  


    "I will try to encourage my "Wife to try it "Chemicals EH!!

    Dowsa- those chemicals make women very lazy. They won't cook or clean! They also make women really cranky!!!! Still want your wife to "inhale"? LOL

    I've had my hair rinsed leaning forward, don't remember why though. I'm long overdue for a cut.....


    "Come to me !! Sweeney Todd is the Name !!

    Those hair washing sinks are murder on a neck....but after all of the chemicals they use day in and day out- I wouldn't put my face in one!!!!  

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