Does anyone know of a case where the child of a Jehovah's Witness has been forced to receive blood against their parents' wishes?

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    Personally no.

    I have read of parents going to court against what the doctors or hospital want and I once worked with a girl who was ridiculed because her dying father would not accept a blood transfusion... When I gave her time off to spend with him as he lay dying I took a lot of flack from the owners of the company that I worked for.  They even went as far as to mock the religion and reprimand me.

    Soon after I left that position and two weeks later so did the other employee. 

    Her father passed away.  That blood transfusion would not have saved his life.

    I've never heard of such an incident, but if one were to arise and it concerned a child I think that a court order should be sought no matter what sort of religion was involved.

    Check out these links here>>>'s%20Witness%20has%20been%20forced%20to%20receive%20blood%20against%20their%20parents'%20wishes%3F&pc=conduit&ptag=AA86C9977A80442CA91F&form=CONOMX&conlogo=CT3077742&ShowAppsUI=1

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